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trail Mix

a month ago

I came in today wanting to buy some ornaments. They have a good amount of selection. I did notice that online they were 30% off, however, in store they were not. A lady asked if I was doing okay. I told her that well how do you guys have a sale online and not in store? She said she would tell somebody about this issue and will get right back to me. A lady comes back to tell me that they cant find the sale online. I had to literally show her on my phone what I was talking about. I was NOT going to pay full price for what I was getting. She was understanding and changed the price for me. I do recommend that this store keeps up with the online prices because its not fair to have customers paying full price when there is a deduction on the website. I dont know about everyone else, but the employees dont appear to be that rude. I know on the first level they act a little too boujee for certain people.


judy askins

a week ago

Santa Claus absolutely made this shopping trip the absolute best! He sang with my grandchildren and taught them the Rudolph dance! He made our visit a memory the kids will treasure for a lifetime:)


Lulu Abuwar

2 months ago

Went to the store on Monday with my mom to look for a dress for my wedding reception. It was 10 minutes before closing which we didnt realize, in return the worker was extremely rude. She stood over us and gave us attitude waiting on us to leave rather than politely letting us know we would have a short period to browse before leaving. To conclude our experience we did not get to look at any products even though the store was not yet closed.


Frankie Q

4 weeks ago

it's small for a neiman marcus store, but the staff is super helpful and very friendly. great selection of clothing, and the alterations department does a fantastic job getting them to fit you perfectly. I wish that they had more in the way of furniture, as well as a restaurant, but you can't have everything. I'm just happy I'm within driving distance of such a wonderful collection of truly awesome and unique clothes.


Carolyn J.

a week ago

I was extremely surprised that this store was not crowded. Wonderful shopping experience, lots to choose from. I'm so glad that stores are full of merchandise again!!!

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