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Desiree M

6 months ago

Good customer service. Returned a gift from The holiday season without any hassle. Great shoe selection and very helpful with ordering a different size if not available in the store. The sales associates in the shoe and women's clothing are very helpful and on many occasions help me match up shoes or a clothing item to match some of my Prescott from wardrobe selection. Their perfume counter is also great and they are more than generous to let you have a sample to take home to see how the fragrance wears before you decide to purchase. On occasion you can get some great purses and even Christian Loubution shoes on sale which are not advertised online.


Shanta Elliott

a month ago

Rude and inconsiderate. A friend of mines purchased a pair of shoes for me as a Christmas gift & instead of having the shoes sent to my address I went with the second option of having them delivered to the store and picking them up from there. After getting all the information I needed (tracking info) , sales associate number etc thinking were good to go. Boy oh boy was I wrong. I went in to pick up my shoes these ppl refuse to give them to me. I stayed in the store for almost an hour trying to get these ppl to understand these shoes are paid for why can I not have MY shoes. My friend who bought them even called to try and get them to budge and after going back & forth they finally gave me the shoes. An sales associate try to place blame on the fact that it was purchased with a credit card and my friend clearly paid cash. They had no consideration for my feelings and the inconvenience they put me through. If I have tracking info, contact info and purchase info why would you not hand over someone merchandise. I left feeling disgusted & disappointed I expect a place with so much class to do more for paying customers.


lam cheng

2 months ago

There was a Very rude older sales women with short hair. Went in to purchase a Chanel handbag and asked her for a particular style I wanted , her respond was very rude and told me that I cant take a picture of the bag. Gave me some looks and attitudes. I left and a different male sales associate helped me with must better attitude.


Peter Holliday

a month ago

Very disappointed in the new return policy. For a luxury store they make it extremely difficult to return their own merchandise. This is counter to their exceptional service they had only a few years back.


J.R. Huetteman

3 months ago

The team at Neiman's is truly second to none. A knowledgeable and helpful staff that always go out of their way to provide a stellar customer experience.