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Carolyn J.

9 months ago

I was extremely surprised that this store was not crowded. Wonderful shopping experience, lots to choose from. I'm so glad that stores are full of merchandise again!!!


judy askins

9 months ago

Santa Claus absolutely made this shopping trip the absolute best! He sang with my grandchildren and taught them the Rudolph dance! He made our visit a memory the kids will treasure for a lifetime:)



a month ago

These 5 are actually for the experience I had with a truly amazing associate/employee at Neiman Marcus Charlotte, NC. My experience lived up to her name. Blessing. Yes that is correct, Blessing is the associate in the perfume section that was a true blessing to work with. No pun intended. I bought an atomizer for Creed Aventus cologne. If you are not familiar that is something you can refill. They have refills normally biannually. So you save money reusing the atomizer.(bottle). With the pandemic they kept postponing the special and I was assured many times I was on the list once they had the next refill event. I followed up when they said they thought it might be after the third cancellation and I was informed I just missed it. Well, they did not contact me via email or phone that they definitely had. Needless to say that experience was not 5 star worthy but it was turned around. Blessing was there to save the day. She was immediate to listen and understand. Not only did she follow up like she mentioned she helped me eventually work the issue out. Also gave me some samples to try I might like and not only did I get the Creed I was seeking I decided to buy another cologne. Her professionalism not only made a happy customer but also turned into another sale. Making Neiman Marcus more money and showing their customers the respect they deserve when it was a miscommunication on the companies behalf. So I highly recommend you ask for Blessing when you are shopping for a new cologne. I hold no Ill will toward Neiman Marcus it was all together a good experience. Everyone was nice just protocols and policies we had to navigate through.


Meredith Miller

4 months ago

I realize the cosmetics counter folks are commission based - but my experience here was completely awful. I went in with a particular product I wanted to purchase. No one was available near the display/brand I wanted and when I asked for help the woman was dismissive, rude and not willing to help - pointing me to the woman who represented the brand. Even when I spoke with the brand salesperson, they were unhelpful and didnt even offer to order a product for me that wasnt available. Again, understand commission based - but what has happened to customer service?


Joseph Bartholomew

3 months ago

Huge mall, pricey but worth it. Well depending on your prospective. The art and architecture found all on the walls, the way things are placed, the types of materials used were well thought out. Great place to spend a hot day. Really any day haha all in all a great experience to have.

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