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Nick G.

7 months ago

I had no idea what to order, so I just pointed and hoped I got lucky. Trying new things paid off this time! I'll definitely be back! The food was really good, the staff was friendly, and the fellow patrons we're very mellow.


Jill DeCandio

10 months ago

A friend recommended we try this place for great Israeli food. I wasnt sure what Israeli food was; turns out its chickpeas, chicken shawarma, falafel, tabbouleh, hummus.. The restaurant is in a Chipotle format in which you go trough the line to order and the staff makes it for you. Here you can have a bowl, salad, or pita with your choice of spreads and cold toppings, hot toppings, protein and sauce. It wasnt really clear on what the options were and unfortunately the employee at the front of the line wasnt helpful and seemed bothered that we asked questions and didnt know the menu. Fortunately a repeated customer behind us in line explained things and offered suggestions. My husband and I each got bowls. The food was fresh, and flavorful, and overall pretty healthy. The price was reasonable as well. The portions were good; we didnt go away hungry. I tried the falafel and it was really tasty; crunchy on the outside and moist but not wet or mushy on the inside and full of flavor. The pita bread was great; its fluffier than other pita bread and was great to get the last bits in the bowl. The location of the restaurant is tucked in the corner of an upscale shopping area and not visible from the street when driving by. Worth looking for and giving it a try.


Jarrell Hilton

3 months ago

As a vegan, it's very hard finding quality food st restaurants. But this spot here, was highly fresh and the vegan options they had were phenomenal. The Brussel sprouts and mixed mushrooms had an amazing taste. I had an avocado bowl, with a side or eggplant which also was delicious.


Adam N

9 months ago

I'm on a mission to find the best chicken sandwich in Charlotte. I was told to give this one a try. It's certainly hot, well the sauce is. Too hot in fact! I would get the sauce on the side and add it to your liking. As for the chicken it's pounded super thin (unfortunately) and the breading is lite (which is great). It gets a 3 because there really is not much chicken on the sandwich.


Paul Joiner

a year ago

Great little fast casual place. Be ready to order because they move you through quickly. The food is fresh and tasty. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Always looking for a good plant-based meal and this one was a hit.

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