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Christopher Patrick

2 months ago

Very cool store. Great selection at a fair price. I'm a little worried about the amount of money I'll spend here. Cheers EDIT: I used these guys again to trade in some yeezys. They gave me, what I considered, a great trade in price towards a pair of Dazzling Blues. The blues were a little expensive but I know they are real and customer service is always on point so I don't mind spending a little extra money. Thanks guys!


S Patel2424 (SPatel2424)

3 months ago

Bought a pair of new Yeezy dark belugas from online store on Thursday. Get a message from an Austin on Monday afternoon saying the website let me purchase a pair they didnt have in stock? I literally bought the pair seconds after they promoted it on their instagram. Just be upfront as to why you didnt have my pair instead of trying to convince me there was a problem with the website. Must have sold my pair over the weekend to another customer willing to pay over $350. Biggest scam Ive seen since my StockX experience. Dont shop from them unless you have cash in hand and can get the pair in return on the same day!


Isela Cruz

a month ago

Went into the store but it was so last minute so we just went with the kids these people did not bother to acknowledge us they judged the F out of us , except this one guy to which I really wish I knew his name. he was the only one that did his job and we walked out with 4 pairs of shoes, if it werent for this guy we wouldnt have gotten anything. People need to do better


Maiya Williams

a month ago

Id rather fly to New York & go to flight club (itd probably cost the same) than give these rude trust fund children my money. Overinflated resell prices with a side of being treated like youre bothering them by coming in the store (I came in bummy with a telfar one day & was totally ignored - came in dressed with a chanel another day & all the sudden was asked if I wanted help ). Like other reviews state many shoes here are obvious DHgate fakes. Theyre preying on being located in a southern cities without a strong streetwear market (as far as stores go - not saying people dress poorly lol), I feel bad for anyone overspending in their store. Im very willing to pay for convenience but not for fakes & not for snobby service like Im at the Hermes store. What a shame.


A Dub

4 weeks ago

At first glance this place seems legit, although the shoes they sell are not always authentic, tried to rectify my situation having had bought what appear to be fake Jordans and get the run around when I call the store. If nothing is done I plan to call the BBB and the attorney general since this place doesnt wanna handle escalations amicably.

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