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Bobbi Roy

a year ago

Has alot of cool little things.


Lisa Horstman

a month ago

Wow. I went shopping here today. I have not went into a store that has been so rude and hateful about the mask mandate. An employee came up to me and insisted I put a mask on. I have CRPS. Its a nervous system disease. Its whole body including my face. My face is swelled. My lips and inside my mouth peel and is sore. My throat constantly has stabbing pains and is swelled. My face is very sensitive. It feels like I have something crawling on my face all the time. When I wear a mask, I cough constantly. It becomes unbearable. I told the employee that I had a health condition and was not required to wear the mask. I am disabled. He said there is no such thing. Would not listen at all. I even brought the mandate up on my phone to show him. He would not look at it at all. He was very rude and made me leave the store. That is discrimination.


Nate Wolf

2 weeks ago

Love the new location. Very clean and bright. Seems to missing some vendors, not sure what that is about. Not as good as the Gibson Mill in Concord which seems to have more actual antiques. But was a fun diversion to walk around and check things out. More of a mod style junk store than an antique mall. Definitely no high-end antiques here, at least not on my visit.


Deanna Lewis

a month ago

This is such a good find. There are so many vendors with so many neat finds. I still cant get over the scout cubby. They have snacks for sale which is nice because of the length of time its going to take you to get through all this stuff. Didnt find what I was looking for but that didnt stop me from picking other things up!


miller phillips

a week ago

Came to the new location expecting at least the same charm and great selection, but was disappointed to find little to none. The old location was by far better in terms of store environment and ambiance. Lacking a lot that the original had. Dont even get me started on the fluorescent lighting.

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