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Nancy W

2 weeks ago

First time visit. Had family visiting from out of town and wanted something to do on a rainy Sunday. I don't collect antiques so most of the treasures were lost on me. The store is huge. It goes on and on. Isles don't all connect so it can be hard to know where you're at. I used the bathroom as we were leaving and saw a sign for an app or something to download for a store map. A little late for me but I highly recommend having one. The selection is amazing. Not sure how prices stack up but SP has been there for years so prices must be good. Not the time to quibble over a few bucks... if you find that treasure you've been hunting the last 10 years - just snap it up and enjoy it. I have a sister whose home is stuffed with antiques and that's her mantra. Her husband of 42 yrs dutifully fires up the pickup truck to retrieve the REALLY BIG treasures, so I guess it's his mantra too.


Trisha Presnell

in the last week

Fun place to look around! There are good deals, but also people who those who are charging to much. Worth a visit. I go every so often to see what is new. Nice book and album collection.


Revan Kon

4 months ago

In terms of selection, Sleepy Poet has one of the most diverse sets of vendors and items out there in the antique business here in Charlotte. There is something for everyone here. My wife and I are big into 1960s pieces and Mid-century modern and while Sleepy Poet doesn't focus on this era, we always find at least a few gems every time we go. In addition to that, there are plenty of traditional, Asian, Shaker, and rustic pieces to keep everyone happy. The clothing and record sections are amazing with lots of great choices as well. My only complaint, and this is an indirect reflection of Sleepy Poet itself: many of the vendors' pricing is quite outrageously pricey. I am not sure if this is just because antiquing is now becoming a fad, if the rent from Sleepy Poet is just expensive, or if this is normal for Charlotte. All I know is there are pieces in here that other antique stores may sell for $200-$300 that get priced at $600-$1000 here. While I am always willing to pay more for better quality and condition, the items here are just the same as at other places. Apologies for the rant about this, but this is the only reason why I am subtracting one star. One more thing: BE CAREFUL when pulling into the parking lot. The steep hill can bottom out your car!


Dvora Gehring

a month ago

Great selection, but confusing maze, of antique dealers. Aisles not extremely conducive to cart traffic, although carts are available. Big! Plenty of parking. Lots of vintage clothing. Very nice variety. Helpers roam aisles to assist. Highly recommended.


Nicole Denton

a week ago

I love shopping Antique stores. Whenever I'm in town, i must stop in to see whats new. Where comfortable shoes...lol lots of square footage to cover!