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Jim Bradshaw

6 months ago

First of all, I love the store. And the staff is great. I don't recall ever getting better service from a store. All the staff was helpful and gave me their opinion on the clothing I tried on. Even the owner (at least I think he was the owner, maybe the manager) came out of his office to give me feedback on which size I should go with. The only issue I have is with the actual shirts I bought. I went there looking to buy Free Fly apparel, but it didn't fit me properly. So I bought the TSG All Season Long Sleeve Crew shirts. I bought two of them. They told me they're made from bamboo. Looks like they might not be completely bamboo. Not sure and certainly don't think they were misleading me. But I've worn one of the shirts only once and it was so hot. It did not breathe (at least not for me). A buddy of mine had on a long sleeve tee at the same time. We were both hanging out at a brewery outdoors. He said he wasn't hot at all. I was sweating like crazy. So it looks like I will be returning the shirts. But again, this does not leave me with a negative opinion of this store. I fully expect to do more business there. Loved the staff. Just need to find the right attire that will work for me. Read a few other reviews after posting this and am editing this review to comment on the dog. I didn't see the dog. Damn! I love Golden Retrievers (owned many over the years). Now I have to go back just to see the dog. :)


greg R

2 months ago

Great store with an awesome selection of high quality clothes and accessories. Staff was extremely helpful and actually knew what they were talking about. Will definitely be stopping in again soon.


Chris Carson

a month ago

TSG is the best outdoor shop in the area. Excellent quality with very fast delivery! If youre an avid outdoorsman or if youre looking for the perfect gift for that outdoorsman, TSG is the spot!


Todd Rivard

2 weeks ago

Great store, awesome selection and incredible service. Skip the Big Box Stores and shop and support local purveyors.


Chris Ratchford

3 years ago

Really dig this place. I love their selection of clothing and the staff is very friendly. Their pricing is just as good as the high-end men's clothing brands you can buy online... and you don't have to deal with the headache of shipping stuff back like you do with online retailers. If you're looking for high quality mens' clothing in Charlotte, The Sporting Gent is a must.

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