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Em Holmes

5 months ago

Went here for hot yoga. The studio had the worst smell of odor, I considered leaving because it was so pungent. I've never even smelled a locker room that bad. It was also probably the hottest studio I've ever been in. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I swear the floors were heated or something because I was slipping on my mat which never happens (and I've attended hot yoga all over). As for the flow, it definitely seemed to be more about strength than about restoring your body through poses. It was incredibly fast and made me think that it could make someone prone to injury if they didn't know what they were doing. There were minimal cues and poor transitions - like going from a mat pose to a standing pose within seconds. There were many times I felt blood rushing through my head. The instructor herself seemed very nice. There were a lot of "new age" commentary embedded into the flow which felt a little too hippie for my taste. When entering the building, it was very congested with people and gave off clique vibe. It did not seem welcoming to newbies. I had to ask someone to help me - where do I check in, where do I go etc. Most places staff are very enthusiastic to show newbies around but this place they were uninterested. As a POC I felt very out of place here too, like the vibe just wasn't for me.


Tricia Manns

5 months ago

The general manager was quite rude when I entered the studio with a class pass and I asked to borrow a towel not knowing there was a fee. She commented you can rent a towel with a passive aggressive voice and asked if I had a card on file. The studio was over 120 degrees and it stunk!! It was too many people to breathe properly. I saw the response to the last post about the smell and Im sorry Ive worked in hot yoga studios with 50 students and if it is cleaned properly it will not smell for the next class. Also my $5 mat and towel had an odor. The music was extremely loud so dont go trying to focus too much cause you will have to get through the looseness first. Customer service is key If you want repeat customers and being kind. To offer a towel as a courtesy would have been the right thing to do without the smart comment.


Christy Siebert

4 months ago

I fell back in love with this studio recently as I stopped going with Covid in early 2020. This class is addicting with the heat, the music, the energy of the room, and the structured yet very authentic teaching from the instructors. I feel that I grow in my flexibility, my strength, my endurance, and most importantly, in my confidence and mental health every practice! Im very thankful for this studio!


Dr. Ellis

6 months ago

First time in a studio in years and the Not Hot Single Shot led by D today did not disappoint. Great class *and* the floor is soft so knee friendly regardless of the thickness of your mat!


Meredith McVadon

a year ago

This studio has great staff and great instructors. I love the massage & chiropractic amenities. I didnt commit to Y2 though because ALL their classes are heated, plus they only have 1-2 standard flow classes a week, often during 9-5 business hours. Unlike other yoga studios, they dont prompt yogis to clean borrowed blocks. Hopefully the staff cleans them after each class.

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