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Mike Cooper

2 months ago

It's Heaven & hell all in one place. For an adult just getting back to exercising I just hope to survive each session. Past the hard work, which is the point, it's a very accepting environment, instructors and students alike. I feel mentally relaxed during the session and physical relaxed after the session. It's not the typical YMCA routine but I personally am enjoying this much more. Give it a shot...


Cathy Maday

a year ago

Y2 has been my absolute favorite home away from home for self care, movement, challenging workouts, inspiration and learning. The instructors are fantastic, highly experienced and the atmosphere with music and challenging flow is an awesome fit for me. The fellow students are also what inspired me from the very class. Chris and Joy are so encouraging. Dorie is my absolute favorite instructor at Y2. Since joining a couple of years ago, she has been the primary force that inspires me, and supports me. All the instructors are wonderful. I particularly like Dories flows and sequences because while they are definitely challenging, I never feel rushed. Dorie is also down to earth and open, shares about her yoga practice in life experiences, and reminds us all to meet ourselves where were at, while also being willing to change it up and take healthy risks into something new. Ooh! Also I love the music she chooses for classes! Rian is also amazing, along with Kari, Jennifer H, Buffy, and of course Tanner! Rodney also gives the best assists! Every single time I walk out of Y2, Im stronger, more centered, more light and joyful. Thank you, Y2 family.


Melanie Day

9 months ago

Absolutely love Y2. I struggled for a long time finding a workout I enjoyed. You name it Ive probably tried it and lasted maybe 6 months. Id tried hot yoga in another city and enjoyed it but never made it routine, a friend brought me here 4 years ago and Ive been hooked ever sense. Its fast paced, challenging, and motivating and I leave refreshed and calmer than when I started. Ive learned so much not just with yoga but about myself. Ive tried a couple different classes other places (one highly talked about chain that was nothing but disappointing) and always leave thinking that was it? Nothing compares to the the instructors, the facilities, the assists, complimentary hand towels, and the details at y2. You dont get that other places!


Mary Riley

4 months ago

The music is waaaaaay to loud. You cannot hear the instructor which is extremely frustrating.



8 months ago

Bring your own sanitizer and mat. These classes are packed and the rooms are not disinfected.