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Jill Moore

a month ago

What a great service already provided. Victoria was understanding and heard my pain! She was able to convey that and get me in for a session!! Im thrilled!


Meredith McVadon

5 months ago

This studio has great staff and great instructors. I love the massage & chiropractic amenities. I didnt commit to Y2 though because ALL their classes are heated, plus they only have 1-2 standard flow classes a week, often during 9-5 business hours. Unlike other yoga studios, they dont prompt yogis to clean borrowed blocks. Hopefully the staff cleans them after each class.


Jason Reid

a year ago

Rewarding, Friendly, and Supportive place to begin or continue your practice. Tanner does an excellent job.


Tyler-James Toledo

5 months ago

Nice studio. Unfortunately far from being a body positive or POC friendly yoga experience. Ive been here a few times Ive gotten a lot of strange looks, as if I didnt belong. The front desk never greet me, I remember my first time walking into the studio I said hi its my first time. The person at the front pointed to an iPad and said you check in here, towels are there, and then proceeded with whatever they were doing. I gave a few instructors a chance, mixed bag here. Some are better than the others. I noticed that some assist everyone that walks in the room others only assist those whom they know, all instructors I have taken have never asked permission to touch me. Im okay with assists, but I think it should be standard to make sure the student is okay with the teacher touching them. I gave up last week when the teacher just called poses. No cueing, no alignment cues, no breath cues. At that point its just a workout class, and not worth 29 dollar drop in fee. I pay for the experience not the yoga I can get for free on YouTube. They definitely market to a certain kind of person, and unfortunately I am not that yogi.


Jenna Daugherty

8 months ago

Rude people. Classes are super difficult to follow. This was my first and sadly last yoga class due to this awful experience.

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