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Anthony Tran

2 weeks ago

First time doing this with the wife. Although we did not break out of the room, my wife and I had a blast. Because of the day we chose, it was just the two of us. Felt like if we had two more people than maybe our odds would have been better. Either way we had a blast. Andy was our host and he was great. Helped us when he knew we were stuck and gave us just enough for us to still figure out the next clue without giving us the answers. I like how he handled the conversation. Never gave anything away and still made us work for the clue. Overall it was a great experience.


Kayson Barwick

8 months ago

We had lots of fun doing the escape room! The room was well designed for a virtual experience. The host, Andy, had a camera and would show us different parts of the room and show us everything there was and do the interacting for us. They did a great job. There was also a website that you were able to enter the codes you discovered to get a closer look at all of the paper clues or things that were hard to read.


Claire Jenkins

6 months ago

My friends and I have gone to a handful of different escape rooms around Charlotte and Breakout Games is always great! We've never had any malfunctions and everything always looks great. Our game master was Darrell and he was awesome - I could tell he was paying attention to our game and he answered immediately whenever we had a question--we never had to repeat our question or bring him up to speed on what we'd already tried, etc. We had a great experience "breaking out" of the Runaway Train room!


Laura Piccione

8 months ago

I loved the creativity of the idea to make escape rooms virtual! Our host Andy did a great job making the experience enjoyable and challenging. My group finished in under 14 minutes and we had a great time working through all of the clues! I would highly recommend this to anyone!


Amanda Riess

2 months ago

We had a birthday party for my teenage son and his friends. This was our first time at this place. It is now my favorite of all the escape rooms in Charlotte because the staff was so incredibly friendly and nice! I also think this one is more affordable.

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