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Kat Everlasting

a month ago

Loved it! Our tour guide was hilarious and interacted with us as much as possible. It was informative and fun! He was extremely respectful, also told us where to visit to get some scares and to see the real deal! The tour was overall fun and completely perfect. Made our vacation to Charlotte 100x better.


Cody R

9 months ago

I went on the Friday the 13th tour in Winston-Salem with some coworkers and had such a great time. I'm still new to the area and learned a lot about the history/folklore of town that I probably never would have know without doing this. Our guide Dan was awesome! When I have family and friends visit I will definitely take them on this tour!


Sean McGlynn

8 months ago

Took the West Endings tour in Winston Salem with Dan. It was fun and enjoyable with lots of great stories and history. This tour is a great value and I would definitely recommend it for those interested in history, stories, ghosts or all of the above.


SocialPollution Official

a month ago

Very spooky and informational


jolicota jolicota

11 months ago