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Niki Powers

10 months ago

This was our first experience going through an escape room. We had such a blast we went back the very next day and did another one. Our two game masters, Kelly and Lindsay did a phenomenal job helping us escape The Mansion. It was very well put together and definitely gave us a run for our money. The second day, we had just as much fun escaping The Ruins with the help of Kelly and Taylor, our two game masters! Keep up the good work Exit Strategy North. Can't wait to come back!


Olivia Canady

7 months ago

Lindsey was such an amazing host! She was organizing so many groups at a time and making sure everything was running smoothly! Christian was the one who introduced us to our room! He played the soldier for Subject Zero perfectly and stayed in character when we needed hints! This was our first time at the north location, but weve done two others at the south Charlotte one! We love Exit Strategy more than the other escape room places, mainly because of how themed and detailed everything is!!


Pascale Fortin

7 months ago

So much fun! We tried ruins and were truly impressed! Lindsay was just spectacular! We also got a very nice service from Kelly. The puzzles are great, the rooms beautiful and the staff passionate. Will definitely come again.


Miranda Gromen

9 months ago

Weve completed 2 rooms at the North location so far and both were such fun experiences! Everyone who works here is super friendly and helpful. We especially love Kim, she made the Ruins room awesome with her acting and clues. Weve also done the mansion which was really fun and unforgettable. These are the highest quality rooms and materials weve come across in escape room and we cant wait to explore more at the South location. Such fun nights out with friends!


Kat Villa

7 months ago

Exit Strategy is the ONLY escape room that can challenge me and also have fun! Kelly and Matt (from the north location) helped us and were super nice throughout our entire experience. The rooms are very detailed and interactive, the help you ask for helps but doesnt give too much info to spoil it! Thank you again for a fun afternoon!