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Michelle Moscardini

10 months ago

The food and service is always good. Spicy pork belly is great. Two menus are available. The cocktails are good too. Sometimes the wait is really long though. That's the only negative with this place.



3 months ago

FOLLOW @zackaryeats on Instagram and Tiktok to discover more places in NC! INTRO: Iron Dish is the best all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant in North Carolina. As a Korean-American and a seasoned AYCE KBBQ restaurant goer, I can confidently claim that Iron Dish is the best bang-for-your-buck KBBQ restaurant in the state. Ive been to 5 other AYCE BBQ restaurants across the state, and Iron Dish takes the throne. There is no comparison in terms of the quality of the meats, variety of the creativeness and the uniqueness of their drink menu banchan, and the creativeness and uniqueness of their drink menu. Dont go anywhere else if youre craving unlimited KBBQ. This is the GO-TO spot. ENTREE: You can either opt for the regular AYCE menu or the premium AYCE menu. The regular menu will set you back $35, whereas the premium menu will set you back $50. However, the premium menu comes with more expensive cuts of meat that justify the price. For those who do not wish to splurge a little bit, the regular menu will more than suffice. The regular menu has everything ranging from thin pork belly to beef brisket, which are the staples of KBBQ. In addition to their expensive meat, menu side dishes are also included. Their side dishes include a wide variety of vegetables, corn, cheese, steamed egg, stew, and many other dishes. Their drink menu is unlike any other drink menu in Charlotte. Their drinks are occasionally named after famous K-pop idols, or K-pop groups, and incorporate an Asian twist in their names. Additionally, they taste equally if not better than their creative and unique names. I highly recommend getting a cocktail to pair with your unlimited KBBQ. WORTH IT? Absolutely! In most cases, the primary limiting factor for KBBQ is the service. Waiters are usually slow to take orders and change the grill pan. However, the service at Iron Dish is impeccable. There was never an instance where I had to wait for the waiter to show up to my table. I never had to wait an unreasonable time to have someone take my order. THIS is the standard that all AYCE KBBQ restaurants should hope to achieve. YOU GO IRON DISH! OVERALL 10/10


Donna McLean

7 months ago

This was my first time eating Korean Food, and this was the perfect place to have a wonderful experience. My neice treated me to a beautiful meal and the Customer Service was superb. Will return when I come back to North Carolina.


Robin Gray

6 months ago

Spectacular decor. Like, seriously... Worth a visit just to see the "North Korean Chic" use of cement and metal. The wall art and light fixtures won't fail to WOW the eye. I haven't ordered the MAIN ATTRACTION (in-table, DIY BBQ grills). Instead, I have opted for the smaller-portioned "bar menu" items. After multiple visits, I can honestly say the Iron Dish consistently delights (and feeds) my eyes AND my tummy. Mmm! The new cocktail menu is so fun! We tried the Soju cocktail flight and loved the presentation and sweet/fruity flavors. The Iron Dish does NOT have a wine selection, which surprised me. But I enjoyed the Prosecco, for $8/glass. If you get a chance to sit at the bar, chat with Alex, a like-minded foodie. Pick his brain for menu recommendations and other awesome Charlotte restaurants. I can't wait to check out his suggestions. The owners have another restaurant, 704, in Pineville. If I find myself in the area, I will certainly check it out. Especially if the interior decor is as awesome as the Iron Dish!


Sofiya Babinov

a year ago

The worst Korean BBQ restaurant in Charlotte!!! Upon walking in we were greeted by very rude hostesses that wouldnt sit us without face masks (theres no mask mandate in NC right now) even though half their waiters had their masks under the nose and the kitchen staff had no masks whatsoever (we were seated by the kitchen and could see inside). We were treated very rudely and spoken to in a very disrespectful way that I did not appreciate! The food sucked too. The beef brisket was mostly fat (more like bacon than beef brisket), the shrimp had a terrible fishy taste, the beef tongue was very dry, the pickled radish was not fresh (had brown spots), the pickled spicy vegetables was mostly pieces of onion. The service was the worst weve had at a Korean BBQ. You have to wait forever for the waiter to come up to you and refill your drink or bring you more meats. It was my first time trying this Korean BBQ restaurant and after such a disappointing experience and encountering such rude staff I would not come back here again. There are much better Korean BBQ restaurants in town!!!

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