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Become a Secret Agent at Discovery Place Science

Learn the science and technology of espionage with the newest traveling exhibition at Discovery Place Science.

Discovery Place Science

This blog is brought to you in partnership with Discovery Place Science.

Calling all secret agents – the exciting world of espionage awaits at Discovery Place Science’s newest interactive exhibit. “Top Secret: License to Spy” allows you to channel your inner James Bond and put your observation and problem-solving skills to the test. A mysterious crime has been committed and it’s up to you to go undercover and solve it.

Create disguises and decode covert messages as you navigate your way through the life-like sets to solve the crime. As the newest spy recruit, you’ll need to use high-tech equipment to tap into satellite surveillance, break codes and more to determine a suspect in the crime.

Agents of all ages will learn about the science and technology behind espionage, as well as how these cutting-edge technologies are used in the wider world.

To complete the mission, spies-in-training will:

  • Uncover a radio bug with an oscilloscope.
  • Use lasers to listen in on top-secret conversations.
  • Position a satellite correctly to intercept an important message.

Top Secret: License to Spy will run through April 16 and is free with general admission tickets to Discovery Place Science.