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7 Ideas to Plan the Perfect Girls' Weekend in Charlotte

Baby how you feelin'? Here's a guide to planning the perfect luxury girls' weekend in Charlotte, NC that'll have you feelin' (almost) as good as Lizzo.

CLT Black Owned

Charlotte Black Owned is a platform that exists to highlight, support, and increase the visibility of local black owned businesses and services.

Have you been dreaming of a girls' day out? Set your sights a bit higher, sis, and have a girls' weekend! Make stops at some Charlotte's finest black-woman-owned businesses to be pampered in every way from body waxing and massages to getting ultra glam for you and your girls.

Queen Sugar Hair Removal Studio - Photo courtesy of CLT Black Owned

Waxing Appointment at Queen Sugar Hair Removal Studio

Relax, it won't hurt a bit. Owner Khiana is the master of waxing and relaxing. She knows how to alleviate any wax-related stress and has a "no judgement policy". That urge you get to explain "why" you're (hairy) somewhere- it's not needed here. Queen Sugar's clean, welcoming, and intimate atmosphere is the perfect place for waxing pros and first timer's, alike. With a knowledgeable staff, calming environment (hello, lemongrass in the air and Lauryn Hill playing in the background), and expert waxing hands, you will absolutely leave satisfied- and smooth! Whether you're going in for quick lip wax, a half leg, or going full Brazilian, Queen Sugar is the place to get it done.

Insider Tip: that underarm wax is a BEAST...but it's worth it.

Captivate - Photo courtesy of CLT Black Owned

Personal Style Assistance & Shopping at Captivate, South Park Mall

As the only black-owned business in South Park Mall, Captivate is a true stand out from the stores appealing look to the lewks it serves. Master personal stylist and owner Charity is the fashionable driving force behind the store-and the brand. Bringing a sense of both luxury and comfort, Captivate caters to women of all sizes. Charity and her staff are knowledgeable, kind, and - very stylish. The inventory here is updated weekly so every look is right on time. Head to South Park Mall and enter through Neiman Marcus for the fastest route to Captivate. Then sit back, relax, and allow the amazing staff there to guide you to a new wardrobe!

Insider Tip: Captivate has a special $10 Rack that always stocked. If you're on a budget, you can still leave here with a new look!

V-Luxe Signature Spa

Massage & Facial Appointment at V-Luxe Signature Spa

This plays feels luxurious. From the moment you walk in and see the sign, "take elevator to V Luxe Spa", you immediately feel like a "VIP" and from that point on, you are. Owner Veronica has created the perfect place for anyone to relax and reset. Expert full body pampering. Whether you're getting a facial or getting your body massaged to complete relaxation, everything from the Sanctuarie, the waiting area, to the service rooms, and the ambiance of the place screams - or whispers (they talk in soft voices here, there's not any actual yelling) - "relax". When your service begins, the staff will likely remind you "talking is optional, breathing is mandatory" and then begin your transport to total relaxation.

Insider Tip: Owner Veronica, or Dr. V as the staff refers to her, also owns the dentistry that shares the same building...Her dental clients get discounted services at the spa!

Simply Beyoutiful Aesthetics - Photo courtesy of CLT Black Owned

Professional Makeup Appointment with Simply Beyoutiful Aesthetics

If you've been craving a soft glam look, Professional Makeup Artists and Owner of Simply Beyoutiful Aestheics, Bria, is exactly who you need. With a steady, but gentle hand, Bria delivers transformations one face at a time...and she comes to you! With her entire kit and material in tow, Bria transforms any room into her personal make up studio and then - gently - gets to work on the masterpiece that will be a client's face. Not sure what makeup look you want? Just show Bria what you're wearing and she'll make suggestions you're comfortable with based on that. It's the easiest process around and you'll look amazing by the end of it!

Insider Tip: Bria is a also a licensed esthetician. If you're having skin concerns, she can still make you look beautiful-with consideration to what your skin needs.

Modern Expressions Beauty - Photo courtesy of CLT Black Owned

10-Minute Press On Nails DIY Application from Modern Expressions Beauty

If you've never tried Modern Expressions Beauty's press-on nails, you're missing out! The custom press-ons owner Tatianna creates are the perfect go-to for special events when you don't have the time - or just don't want to - go get your nails done professionally. The do-it-yourself application kits come with nail glue, nail stickers (you can choose which is best for you), cuticle oil, and application sticks. From beginning to end, you can have a full set of custom nails in about 5 minutes! They're super simple to apply and are reusable for months.

Insider Tip: These nails are re-usable, so feel free to take them off and switch them for another set later. All you'll need is nail glue.

CLT Luxury Picnics - Photo courtesy of CLT Black Owned

Private Picnic in the Park by CLT Luxury Picnics

We know you've seen this on Pinterest. This very cute outing you wish you and your friends would plan just got easier with CLT Luxury Picnics. Owner Taylor and her team do all the heavy lifting by setting up and breaking down the entire picnic. All you have to do is show up and have a good time. Catering to every budget, your picnic will be unique to what you want and what's within your spending range. Whether you've got caviar coins or a beer budget, Taylor can make it happen. These trendy picnics are the perfect outdoor backdrop for a birthday party, an anniversary, or any special occasion.

Insider Tip: Pair these services with a local chef, grab a bluetooth speaker, and your event is complete!

Members Only Tasting Room & Social - Photo courtesy of CLT Black Owned

After-Dinner Cocktails at Members Only Tasting Room & Social

Two words: perfect vibe. Okay, two more words: SO NICE. This place, on Central Avenue, is just steps from Plaza Midwood and is the perfect ending to a perfect girls' weekend...actually, it's the perfect ending for any weekend...or weekday. From the way the place looks - including the trendy neon sign and outdoor grass wall- to the the craft cocktails they serve, you won't find a more unique spot to Owner Kimberly has curated the perfect location for date night, girls' night, event space, everything. This place is nice enough to get fly before going, but also chill enough to come as you are. The speakeasy-like backroom is a great place to talk, catch a game, try some delicious hookah flavors, and just have a good time. How have you not been here?

Insider Tip: Owner Kimberly also owns The Juicebox in NoDa, so if you have a long night at Members Only, head there for a next-day pick-me-up.