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Brian Porter

in the last week

One and done for me. Awkward vibes from the get go with the host to 2 hours later only being served one drink (and it wasnt busy) and the same host walking up telling me we are sorry but we cannot accommodate your party so we leave. The kicker is I receive a text message from the host an hour after we left telling me they can accommodate my party now. If you want cocktails and a cool vibe and laid back in the area go to Workmans Friend in Plaza.


B Boidy

in the last week

Fantastic cocktails, made custom to your taste. The vibe is chill, the decor is hip, and the beers are surprisingly CHEAP. Great spot for a drink and a nibble before a show at neighborhood theater.


K Pestka

a week ago

I was in Charlotte for the first time to visit my friend, who took me to the recently-opened Idlewild. Wait was not so bad for us. The ambiance was welcoming and relaxing. I liked how they used the space not making it too crowded - I understand their waitlisting policy to preserve space and atmosphere. I usually cannot talk/hear much at a crowded place, but Idlewild has perfect sound level for me, enjoying the music and chatting with the friend at the same time. Liked the food very much - we had avocado bruschetta and charcuterie & cheese, both sumptuous and tasty. I had two fizzy drinks - both are very refreshing. If you know what you want, you can get most out by communicating with the bartender. If you are open to something new, the choices are limitless. Charlotte left me with positive impressions of up-and-coming city and exciting NBA All-Star weekend.


Jason Thomas

2 weeks ago

I am absolutely blown away by Idlewild. I got to check it out at a preview event and even just a few days in; they are firing on all cylinders. The space: It is super inviting and not overly pretentious or unapproachable. It's without a doubt classy but also has an aura of everyone is welcome. The lighting is dark but not too dark and the music...well it's perfect. Not too loud but also a perfect blend of classic rock, lounge music, electronica and more to really add to the atmosphere. The food: We had the avocado bruschetta and cheese plate and both were great. The bruschetta was especially good and the balsamic on it was fantastic. Now for the most important part, the drinks: Part of the allure of Idlewild is there is no menu. You tell the bartender what you want and they curate the experience for you. We had 5 total cocktails and all were beyond incredible and some of the best in Charlotte. One of the ones I had (a Japanese whiskey based with honey, heavy cream and more) was debatably the best cocktail I've had in Charlotte. I really hate tequila, but even the tequila based cocktail I had was great. Hats off to the entire team and I will obviously be back.


Christopher Forte

in the last week

Solid spot for a well thought out cocktail.