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Me Nurse

10 months ago

I absolutely love the ambiance and concept of this establishment. I enjoyed each of my drinks, especially curated for me. Our server was knowledgeable with a great personality. The bar was well stocked, and the bartenders nailed it every time. I will definitely be going back. Small, intimate and great for date night, meet/greet, or hanging out with besties.


Caitlin Zatroch

8 months ago

The concept of a cocktail bar with no menu is fascinating and well-executed. Our waitress was attentive, asked thoughtful and specific questions, and chose cocktails for us that were completely divine. We got two cocktails each and both were things I likely would not have chosen off a menu, but enjoyed thoroughly. We ordered a charcuterie board as well to snack on. Cocktails were listed at $15, no matter what they brought you. This didnt happen to us, but the man at the table next to ours didnt like his drink. It was whisked away and replaced immediately with something he liked better. It has a moody, cool kids atmosphere and stellar service. We will definitely recommend Idlewild to all our friends and will certainly be back when we find our way back to Charlotte.



9 months ago

One of the best craft cocktail bars I've been to. No drink menu, everything is curtated for your liking. Friendly staff and an inviting space. Pushing can be challenging but well worth the time to experience a drink inside this venue. If you have not been, put it on your list. I'll be back with more friends! Yum!!



4 months ago

I was smitten by this place! I enjoyed the handcrafted cocktails and the ambiance. The chips and olives yummy. Very grown and sexy vibes. Ashton was our server and he was very attentive and knowledgeable. Definitely coming back again.


Brandi Love

10 months ago

Tristan was our server and honestly it felt more like a complete experience! She was amazing and every drink was a new level of amazing. It may seem like a very minor thing but we even got very soft napkins to clean our glasses because they steamed up from our masks. 10/10 will go again. If I didnt have to leave I wouldnt have. Thank you for the great night out.

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