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Keyz Baker

4 months ago

Im assuming because of the increase in traffic they are manipulating ways to make money. They double book tables and created a false rule after they double book. The owner (female) is a scam, I didnt believe she was the owner. I would be surprised is she was money laundering. I spent $300 for a table at 3 pm and was told the table was good for the remainder of the night. Some one else came and wanted a table as well; however, because they were book, she took the customers money anyway and told us we would need to leave by 5pm. They have free table in the front (2 hour max) yet manipulated us into buying a table for $300 but gave us a 2 hour max. They refused to make the situation right. Instead threatened to kick me out after filing a formal complaint. Dont waste your money here. They will up-charge you 300% for a bootle and create their on rules to keep the money flowing.


suzette williams

4 months ago

No where to SIT!!! unless u pay a couple hundred dollars...everything reserved and if YOU sit for a minute they come over and tell u to get up..was there for 2 hrs Noone ever sat where they told me to get up from..I understand reserving tables and chairs but does it have to be EVERY TABLE AND EVERY CHAIR...THEY FOCUS ON BEING A MEMBER AND YES ITS GREAT TO GET IN FREE BUT IF I GET FOOD..WOULD BE GREAT TO BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN AND ENJOY IT


King David

3 months ago

Really cool venue. Our party had a good time. Good vibrations, good crowd no riffraff. The only thing I didn't understand was that our waitress wouldn't let us pour our own drinks and we had a section. The guy selling shrimp & crab egg rolls were a huge plus, they were very scrumptious.


Holly Evans

2 months ago

Need areas to sit for free. To many tables but you have to pay to sit down. Not pay $150+ to sit. Otherwise, it's a good vibe.


Jacqueline Randolph

6 months ago

Its a 2 for me.for now. The place is nice and the ambiance is cool. However it seems as if they were not expecting the growth and popularity so fast that its overwhelming for them. AND NOT TO MENTION THE BARTENDER THIEVES!!! I bought a drink and left a tip but the tip was changed to a higher one when I checked my account. You cant play a player nor can you run game on who created the GAME PROCEED WITH CASH ONLY NOT SURE IF ILL RETURN???

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