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Amanda Fergusontyer

3 weeks ago

The barkeep higher up denied me a free CUP of water. She said that I needed to pay $3 for a container. I rehashed that I basically needed some water from the wellspring and she again said that I'd need to pay $3 for that. I began disclosing to her how ludicrous that was and she took steps to call security. Not certain why a bar is denying its supporters cups of water however that is awful business practice. Obviously, it was not worth the $15 to get in and I'll be taking my business somewhere else. Update: it's really unlawful for a foundation that serves liquor to deny individuals free water.


Keira Monae

2 weeks ago

SOOOOO unprofessional. Definitely not worth the hype and they do too much to let you in. If youre 18 and looking to actually party I dont recommend. It says theyre 18+ but youre not treated as an adult there


Isaiah Watson

2 months ago

The bartender upstairs denied me a free CUP of water. She said that I had to pay $3 for a bottle. I restated that I just simply wanted a cup of water from the fountain and she again said that Id have to pay $3 for that. I started telling her how ridiculous that was and she threatened to call security. Not sure why a bar is denying its patrons cups of water but thats horrible business practice. Needless to say, it was not worth the $15 to get in and Ill be taking my business elsewhere. Update: its actually illegal for an establishment that serves alcohol to deny people free water.


Keira Young

2 weeks ago

Took my belongings (420) but allowed others to smoke it in the club. Overall the facility is very UNPROFESSIONAL. One of the guards proceeded to tell me I can have my stuff back and then when I was preparing to leave he said he couldnt give it to me.


Danielle Thomas

a month ago

The bartenders are great! The entry process was a bit convoluted. The drag show wasnt that great, but the energy of the queens was. Very hot and crowded.

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