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SaBreena Lovelady

2 months ago

This place has plenty of parking and was fairly easy to find. We had to sign up for a free membership at the door. That process was simple and fast. The staff throughout was helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. The cocktails were standard pricing but still more than I was expecting. The mango beers were phenomenal and decently priced. The bartenders were very helpful and took their time with each customer (it always takes me a while to order). The establishment was mostly clean and very open. Pins was my favorite thing to play! It was inexpensive. I will DEFINITELY be going back to spend some time on the pinball machines. I also didn't realize there were gaming systems but the classic games were fun. This was a fun date night and should be fairly poly-friendly for when we come back with our girlfriend. I would have loved some appetizers and that is the reason it is 4/5 stars.



in the last week

This place is not meant for any people of color. This is a company that has a target demographic, which is fine for business, but not for this city. All people deserve to be treated fairly and not be talked down to by management. They also use very shady pricing tactics that mask what your bill will be hence why they always want you to open a tab, to rack up as much as they can and stick you with whatever they come up with as the final bill. No diversity in the staff and with the patrons. This establishment was built for the Uptown White Millennial. This is not your neighborhood bar nor does is possess an air of inclusivity. I'm appalled that places like this are even allowed to exist. The games are cool but don't go here if your looking for great prices for all walks of life. The one star is for the games. That's all this place is good for.


Evie Enderle

2 weeks ago

Such a fun place. The drinks are typical cocktail prices but are all delicious. Good selection of beer too. So many games to choose from, definitely something for everyone here. The music is always good and you get a good view from the rooftop.


jeff pitts

a month ago

I got time today. Let me tell you it was my first time coming to this establishment. The atmosphere was great, bar service was good plus playing games there is always a positive but what top the night off with great vibes & energy was the musical therapist DJ 300 on the 1's & 2's. I mean non stop playing my favorite hits & oldies. This was a great over all experience. When the music right you know we gone have a good night. Go DJ now thats our DJ 300. I definitely will come back & invite others.


Derrick Clark

a week ago

We had a great time. The wait for bowling was a little over an hour but there are free retro arcade games to waste time so the wait flies by. The drinks are all amazing as well. This place is a blast, we will definitely be back.

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