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Michael Afocx

a month ago

Good place when bar hopping. The bartenders were actually very kind and attentive when I was there. Made a huge difference and on a Friday night too. Grant it was the first stop but it was around 10pm. Definitely a good place to visit.


Julie Stevens

3 months ago

Went to the rooftop tonight for a little birthday party. Got pretzels, fried pickles, hummus and a black bean burger. Loved the pickles and the dip that came with them was wonderful. Hummus wasnt my favorite but the pimento cheese was yummy. The black bean burger was my most favorite one I've had. Super good with a bit of a spice. I'd definitely come back just for that. Service was pretty good even though we had to walk all the way downstairs for drinks and food. Atmosphere was great for a small gathering. Beautiful view and a nice breeze from the top deck.


Reaunna Palmer

in the last week

My experience here was awful. The burger was barely even cooked. The customers were irritating, rude, and annoying. I stood at the bar waiting for help and the staff all looked at me like I was crazy. They also forgot everything I told them not to put on my burger. I bit into it and wanted to throw up. I dont think Ill ever be coming here again. This is absolutely ridiculous. My mom also got the cheddar chicken which wasnt even cooked all the way through. If I could give this place a -1 star I would.


Alana Amendola

a week ago

Horrible establishment. Dangerous staff. Horrific atmosphere. Whatever possesses you to go to this place for even a second, be CAUTIOUS and carry person protection. The bouncers/ staff assault women with no shame. A simple misunderstanding can cause month long bruising and medical attention. Their barbaric staff doesnt know how to properly deescalate scenarios- which all security SHOULD be trained on. Extremely disgusted and appalled by this bar- all women should stay 10+miles away from this place.


Carlyn Legg

3 months ago

Waitress Emily took amazing care of us!! Great drinks, tasty food & a wonderful waitress, we will be back 100%!!

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