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Serving traditional Thai street food, Rai Lay also serves sushi and a variety of Asian and Asian-inspired dishes. To complement your meal, try one of their cocktails or sake options.

Cuisine Type: Thai

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Lady Storm

in the last week

They were amazing til they werent. The rice started getting really gummy. The portions very tremendously.(you notice when you eat there often) I love the flavor of the dishes and the sushi is bomb! Great atmosphere for sushi & a drink. Parking is very limited as the takeout section. The location is definitely dine in, limited out door seating.


Michael Lauzurique

3 weeks ago

The food : My wife and I ate the Kao Soy Chicken. We had no complaints. The curry was wonderful ! Its clear this restaurant knows how to make a good curry dish so we will definitely seek out this location in the future. Music : one of my biggest issues with the location was the music. It was non stop hip hop with cursing. Its not my taste and it felt out of place. For the reason if I return it will be to order out , not to dine in. Customer service : our waitress was very attentive and kind. Overall aside from the music and the cooking crew taking their garbage outside through the main dining area we loved the experience.


Nicole Park

7 months ago

Review on takeout order of 1. Gyoza 2. Basil chicken Honestly this place is great for a casual neighborhood Thai spot. My basil chicken was a little too salty but I feel like I can ask for it less salty next time. The flavors are certainly there. And dont overlook the rice. I have a huge appreciation for well cooked rice and their white rice slaps.


Sly “Mademoiselle”

8 months ago

Waitresses were superb and diligent in waiting my table, had everything we needed in a timely manner, food was mad delicious. I got the basil fried rice sub/chk to shrimp and I got the eel sushi which is soooo good, I thought it tasted more like salmon but my girlfriend says it tasted like a mix of squid and salmon, I say it tasted like salmon more so for a taste reference . But either way it tasted great Will be going back next weekend !!


Minah Stribling

2 months ago

I ordered three dishes and did not receive any silverware, soy sauce, hot sauce. My fried rice was mushy and over done the spice level was at 0 when I request medium. The sticky rice was mushy and there was little mango and barely any coconut milk. I am disappointed! The basil chicken was good. I spent 40 bucks just kinda let down

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