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Isaiah Fleming

5 months ago

I stumbled upon La capital MX by accident, as I was looking for another Mexican restaurant in the area, but couldn't find a place to park. Pulled in the parking lot to turn around and ended up staying to eat. They have valet parking available. I didn't quite know what to expect, but the ambiance was stunning. The prices were on the more expensive side, but well worth it. The chips were so light, warm, and crisp, and the dipping sauces were all excellent. Each entree was delicious in its own right, full of flavor. The service was exceptional. I forgot the guy's name, but he was one of the best waiters I've had in a while. I will definitely be back for another great dining experience.


Shionda Farrell

a week ago

If you're in the mood for delicious Mexican cuisine with a touch of metropolitan flair, look no further than this chic restaurant. Their tender steak is definitely a highlight of the menu, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. The atmosphere is stylish and modern, with sleek decor and low lighting that creates an intimate dining experience. The staff are friendly and attentive, making sure that your experience is top-notch from start to finish. Be sure to pair your meal with one of their signature cocktails from their extensive selection. I can especially appreciate their cocktails due to they are all made with fresh ingredients , I have high blood pressure so I have to watch my sugar intake so they won me over with the cocktails . I cant even name a favorite here far as the dishes because everything I tried hit the spot its pretty safe to say Im going to find myself in here pretty often now lol . Overall, this Mexican restaurant is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for a sophisticated take on traditional flavors.


Cherrelle Crawford

6 months ago

The staff and atmosphere was really great and I expected to have a great tasting meal. The chips were crispy but only one of the dips tasted good so I felt like I didnt have enough. The bartender Chelsea made my margarita and it was fresh and tasty. The taquitos had no flavor at all and was so dry. It was chicken and brisket we had to put salt on it and ask for hot sauce to make it has any taste. I was going to order more but I didnt want to be disappointed because there were two other tables not eating there food. There are plenty of other Tex mex places in south end so Ill try them next time.


Ay Knee

2 months ago

Quite the find! Went here after Dia Muertos event at Camp End, and the food was delicious! Love the salsa & queso. Chicken was a tad dry for the fajita. Servers were accommodating, & the bathroom is really unique. Bit pricy but was worth it especially the flan


Taylor Redd

a week ago

Okay okay, this place is exceptional even the salsas were great! They brought out three salsas that looked interesting but they were all so good thay we asked for more! The food is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good and the drinks are fantastic, one of the drinks came in a smoked treasure box or something! Absolutely AMAZING! 10/10 Highly recommend!

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