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Deanna Mapes

9 months ago

Well, if you are looking for a place with great service and cold beer, might want to keep looking. First time here and highly disappointed. A nice short walk from the Blue Line light rail, the outside boasts of a bright colored "hole-in-the-wall" gem. With its small umbrella dotted patio which had all full tables, we were expecting a great experience. The interior was dark, which gave it that true tavern feel. Charging stations at the tables was an unexpected treat. The beers (draught)...depending on which one you ordered were not cold. Half of my party had cold, the other half was just a bit above room temperature. The food was typical "pub-type" fare and it was delicious. The bad part was how long it took to get a server (and there was only one who worked the whole place, inside and out, at lunch). Once our food came we immediately asked for the check because we weren't sure when we would see our server again. We ended up getting the bartender to close us out because our server never came back. All in all, a few perks in the visit, but with so many other places to eat along the lightrail line, it will be awhile before I return.


Calvin Penny

6 months ago

Tried it because the reviews were good and it was within walking distance of where we were. Walked in and it was not very crowded so I was a little worried that it wouldn't be good, but decided to stay because it was late and didn't want to have to find somewhere else. The food was absolutely excellent. I definitely recommend it if you're in the area and don't mind eating in a sports bar atmosphere. By the time we left the place was packed.



5 months ago

A night out in Charlotte, a few friends and I thought wed try this place out. Probably the most HORRIBLE experience Ive ever had. First, we walk in and no one greets us to let us know if we need to wait or seat ourselves. Someone finally noticed us in passing and told us to sit anywhere. The floor was pretty full so we went up a few steps and sat a table that was filthy(that should have been our first sign to leave) so we sanitized and cleaned our table and chairs. Servers watched us clean our area and at no point came over to take over or offer help. Once seated, another group came in shortly after us and sat in the same area. After maybe 10 minutes (thats me being nice) server Shannon comes out and goes to greet and take drink order for the group that came in after us. Shannon then comes over to us with a I dont really want to be here or serve them type of attitude. We tried to ask questions about food suggestions, her attitude was very nonchalant and more of a hurry up and figure out what you want type of vibe from her. I asked her about drink specials, she kind of rushed/mumbled through that so I had to stand to get closer to her before asking her to repeat what she said. All in all, her service was horrible. Our drinks were brought out by someone else who sat our drinks down without telling us who had what, so we pretty much guessed that part. As were talking , majority of our food comes out and is sat on the table. Then a giant roach crawls down the wall beside me and lands on our table in the midst of the food. Shannon walks back to bring the last part of our order and causally looks on to see what happened, didnt apologize for that experience, just proceeded to grab our food and move it to another dirty table where there was a dead Roach laying on the floor along with napkins and forks. At no point did a manger come out and acknowledge what happened, Shannon acted as if nothing happened and carried on to ask if we needed anything else. Another server sat behind us (at this point were standing, not feeling comfortable to sit down in this filthy area) and pretty much stared and listened to our conversation as opposed to asking if we were okay or if we needed anything. She then waits until Shannon returns to the area and asks her what happened. At this point I asked for our checks and to go boxes (no one offered to comp our meal) we were only given an excuse about why the roach was in the building, something about having to leave doors open or something like that, I dont know. Pretty pointless if you ask me. No apologies for our experience, Shannon brings our boxes and checks and tells us to have a great night. Never have I ever dealt with such nonchalant servers who didnt think it was important to address what took place in their restaurant or offer anything to make up for the bad experience. Needless to say well never visit this place again. By the way, another customer sitting close to us came back and killed the roach on our table with his shoe. Not the servers, and it was left there just as the others on the floor. Waste of $25.


Jacob Schmid

a month ago

Service was sloooww. Food was even slower. Party of 4, food came out in increments 5 minutes apart(not together) after an hour with only a half full restaurant. I had to ask for the side that came with my meal. Charged for ranch that the menu listed as coming with my chicken. Coleslaw was sour, as if it were rotten. Also, they charge a percentage to pay with a credit card. Let me repeat that, in 2022, THEY CHARGE A FEE TO PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD. 2 stars(really 1 star) because the spicy garlic sauce was legit. P.S. It's $17 to park and they do not validate parking.


Glenda Robb

5 months ago

This was the second time we came to this restaurant. It was busy and the food was great the last time we went but we had a not so good time this second time around. Apparently our server walked out mid shift and although the bartender told us to pick our own seat, no one wanted to serve us. So we gave the bartender our orders who didn't seem too happy about that...then we waited a long time for our food. The food was mediocre at best and we probably won't be back. It was embarrassing because we brought our friends with us and it was just so disappointing.

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