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Slate Charlotte


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South End

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Larry Schierl

3 weeks ago

Cool place! Good food! Went for a company event. Would definitely go back : )


Adam W

2 months ago

Very cool concept to a bar. I wish I had something like this in my hometown. Fun social ice breakers with the games available to play. I think we might have the record for highest jenga tower with the least amount of blocks. :D


Melissa Kekedy

2 months ago

I decided to check out Slate for the first time last night and was very under impressed not by the place itself but, my first impression wasn't good. The bouncer in specific was extremely rude for absolutely no reason. My friends and I walked up to the door about to go inside before he ran up to us saying we need to show IDs which of course being a bar, is expected. He looked at me specifically accusing me of having a fake. I do look young but, I am 22 years old and I showed him my ID. He took it as he continued to accuse me of having a fake and said, "this is obviously fake, I might as well wipe it on my ass." He then wiped it on himself. I only gave it 2 stars because it looked nice inside. But, I left after that rude comment and will not be returning.


Marcus Hubert

3 months ago

Nice plate to kick back and enjoy a couple of brews and pool..next door to another bar which almost seems like it's a cabaret based on the waitresses apparel, which made the night more enjoyable. Reasonably priced drinks but parking is hit or miss. One night you'll pay nothing for parking and others you may have to pay 10 bucks.


Bob Burnette

2 months ago

These guys work with local groups and really rock it for fun meetings. Good is always good. Staff is very quick with the drinks.