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Tom Burchinal

in the last week

1-2 years ago this place was 5 stars. But I have to agree with the other recent 2 star review. Customer service here really dropped off. Terrible in-store experience. Did bonobos sell to new ownership? Even some of the new materials look and feel cheap.


Marquin Hauser

2 weeks ago

We love Bonobos. We think they have excellent, high-quality products and in the past, this location was wonderful. However, now this location has a particularly unwelcoming staff. During a recent visit, we went in to get fitted for chinos and a suit jacket but we were not acknowledged during our entire visit. We were the only people in the store, and the staff never bothered to look up from their phones or offer any assistance or even pleasantries. We left feeling genuinely unwelcomed, and the overall experience left a very bad taste in our mouth towards the brand. They gave off the energy that we did not belong. For providing a premium product, the customer service experience was worse than Walmart.


Austin Korte

3 months ago

Josh (Manager) is awesome at this location! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. My fianc and I had a great experience shopping for wedding suits.


Jeramey Lutinski

7 months ago

Staff was amazing. Everything is tailored to your exact frame. Will definitely recommend to friends!


Alex Yantis

8 months ago

I was in a pickle - I was attending a wedding the next day and I didn't bring any suitable clothes. Despite not having an appointment, the manager/guide was able to find pieces that fit me and get me outfitted ASAP. He was super kind, knowledgeable, and flexible, and helped me pick out an outfit that fit perfectly and looked amazing.

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