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Tarayjah Hoey

in the last week

The bouncers were very professional and welcoming. The bartenders were attentive as soon as a friend and I walked in. Drinks were served fast and efficiently. Loved the music AND there was a diverse crowd! Would totally recommend on a Friday Night.


JR Langevin

3 weeks ago

Considering that this bar is in uptown, the drinks are not insanely expensive and if you go before 11, I think there is no cover charge even on the weekends. Everytime I come here I have a lot of fun. I do wish they would play a little bit more variety in their music though.


Kari Bentley

4 months ago

I had to make sure I was calm before I wrote this review. Let me tell you about the discrimination and horrible service my boyfriend and I received from Prohibition. My boyfriend and I walk in and he goes straight to the bathroom and I have a seat near the stage a few feet from the bouncer. I was just sitting there minding my business. The bouncer asks me how my night was and I respond good. This is about 5 pm on Saturday. Then he says are you having a good time and I say yes. I clearly don't want to speak to him. My boyfriend comes out of the bathroom, goes to get us a drink and sits by me. The bouncer asks him to get up and my boyfriend asks him why. He doesn't get disrespectful at all. The bouncer continues to tell him he cannot be there. He grabs him up and starts to escort my boyfriend out. I start screaming and crying hysterically like let him go he didn't do anything. HE WAS TOLD TO LEAVE BECAUSE HE SAT BY ME. My boyfriend is also not white. The bouncer is not white either. I follow them out then a bouncer grabs me up and puts a light on us. At this point I'm incredibly upset and don't understand why my boyfriend could not sit by me. The bouncer was mad he couldn't spit anymore game. My boyfriend and I are both college educated and respectful. Neither of us were drunk either ... a little tipsy but I digress. We will never be back. To the business owner or manger: do not reach out to me ... nothing will ever erase the memory or the embarrassment.


Judy Saunders

2 weeks ago

Great service, atmosphere, location. Fun place to be on any day


Zachary Jenkins

in the last week

Was visiting from out of town and went here to dance. It was awesome!