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Mike Hines

4 weeks ago

Aside from the fact I got charged for ALL of my groups drinks when in fact I only order a single round of drinks for my party... with out our server even asking me. Which I wouldnt have mind if the customer service was good and our orders had been good. The wait time for our order was unacceptable. Understandably we were not able to get serviced at the bar (COVID reasons) that doesnt excuse why our server whoever it was (at any given time it changed often) barely came to check on us if we even needed to order. I often had to find a random employee to ask to get serviced multiple times. We waited absurd amount of time for orders and it wasnt even busy. I wouldnt normally be this upset by it if they had provided better customer service. Again if that is the policy in place then your server should be attentive to the table which should be the case anyways. For such a low impact night I expected service to be much better. It was very underwhelming how little the staff cared about the customers and/or even attempted to follow COVID guidelines. Only go here if you dont mind rude / slow customer service. A little Simple but effective customer service would had gone a long way in changing the outcome of our experience here. *edited from one star to two star* while the staff was unpleasant the aesthetics and atmosphere is pleasant to look at.


Eric Martin

a week ago

Honestly can't say enough great things about this place. The beer selection is top notch, but the food... Omg, the food! THE BEST PRETZEL I'VE EVER Had! I'm comfortable in saying that if you come here and don't order the pretzel, it was a wasted trip. One of the best burgers in Charlotte too. Literally everything I've had to eat there was great. It's a little pricey, but totally worth it.


Tal Kelsey

2 weeks ago

There are over 400 beers on tap across 3 floors. There is a tree growing through the middle of the building which is awesome. Excellent 1st floor outdoor patio and rooftop. Efficient service. Great prices. Delicious food. By far one of the best places to go in South End.


Brian Dorick

in the last week

My wife and I flew into Charlotte from NJ last night and the service was amazing. Zach our server was GREAT, the manager checked in on us and even the 2 guys at the door were very professional. Working as a chef in the hospitality industry for over 30 years I appreciate great service and your establishment has it in spades. Kudos and thanks!


Devlin Conley

a week ago

Amazing beer selection! Beer batter pretzel was awsome! Think funnel cake and pretzel had a baby pretzel