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Jason Smith

2 months ago

Love these guys. They (by far) have the best selection of craft beers in Huntersville (maybe on Charlotte). They must have over 12 beers on tap with no taps wasted on Bud, Bud light or Miller Lite. They also sells Kegs, if you didn't know. The selection in this area truly blows away the competition. Especially Total Wine. Check them out! You won't be disappointed. Oh and did I mention they even will come out a tap in your house?


Brian Connolly

3 weeks ago

Extremely knowledgeable about beer (and brewing) while being approachable to those who haven't made the plunge into the craft and local Charlotte beer scene. Nice selection of wine, too. And when the pit is fired up, the BBQ is...well, the best in LKN imo.


Kristin Presti

3 months ago

Very knowledgeable staff, clean place. The food truck there is amazing. Sweet owners, excellent food. Best brisket I've ever had.


Alex Perez

a month ago

Great beer selection. Friendly people, family friendly, great brisket and ribs with a food truck outside.


Karen Sherman

5 months ago

Crafty Beer Guys had been our go to place for a long time. We used to go a few times a week and had a blast. We love Ryan, Leah and Josh and they would know what we liked (even if we weren't sure what to choose) and would have a beer poured when they saw our faces. Then the new owners happened. I met the new guys and they were making some decent changes aesthetically. They SEEMED like good guys, until they weren't. One of the reasons we all went there so often was because of the people who work there. The best bartender, Ryan, was fired this week and was told he wasn't a "good fit." Wasn't a good fit? He worked there from the beginning and brought in so many customers!! He was the face of Crafty Beer Guys! Letting him go in the manner which they did was not only a slap in the face to Ryan, but to all of the customers in the last four years that he welcomed into CBG and made it such a fun experience! The new guys said they didn't care about the "beer people" ( Um..... isn't it called Crafty Beer Guys?) as they want to make this a place more Uptown. If we want Uptown.... we go to Uptown! They are destroying such a great business. We'll find another place to spend our money where the owners actually appreciate their loyal employees and customers.