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Legion Brewing is a small, socially conscious brewery and tap room located in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. Come by and enjoy a pint of locally made beer with your closest friends!

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Joshua Simpson

a week ago

Great beer selection. Heavy on the New England IPAs which are my favorites. A good selection of spots too. The food was great. We had the Italian Chicken Sandwich and the BLAT Sliders and they were awesome. Great service also. Nice setting.


Alyssa Yates

a month ago

The smoked wings were amazing! I had the airy berry beer and it was good too. You had to order at the bar but the bar staff was super attentive and quick about taking care of your needs.


Kimberly Kilgo

a month ago

Brussel sprouts were as good as I imagined! Took my cousin here after a rough day and we really enjoyed the beer, wine, food , and the service! Not a single complaint! (And I'm a server myself)


star walker

3 weeks ago

This place has horrible customer service. I sat at two different tables and at the bar and at no point did the staff ask me what I wanted or if I needed anything. If I could give this place a zero, I would. My friend and I walked over to Common Market and got drinks there. I will not be recommending Legion to anyone and I will make sure to tell everyone not to go there. I will just tell random strangers not to go there and I will suggest every other bar, club and brewery I can think of so that they have plenty of options to choose from.


Sarah Speake

4 months ago

Legion is a fun brewery. Good beer, a cool concept reusing materials from the last occupant, lovely bartenders. The only issue is the space. It gets very crowded inside and out which sometimes deters me from going there.