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Lindsay Hayes

3 months ago

First time visiting! Had an amazing experience with Alex as the bartender. Friendly, knowledgeable, and kept great conversation. Great selection of local craft beers on draft and games to play! Highly recommend and will be back very soon!


Ricky Vacca

4 months ago

First time there. Great beer selection. Great atmosphere for hanging with friends. Will definitely go back would be nice if they had live music


Hilary Robles

5 months ago

The friends of the general manager will bully you on Facebook if you have any complaints or questions. Even though we were treated poorly and agreed to quickly chug our beers so they could be on their way, I receive this. When you want to enjoy a night out and are respectful to others personal time, their friends hanging in the back are quick to make hurtful accusations. Will be sharing the poor experience, the personal attack and BULLING I've received for simply asking a question and raising my concern. I've been called a poor Mother, and entitled by the general managers friends. If this is how the business represents itself when confronted with challenges, I pray those with complaints do not face the same bullying that I've received. They turned off the comments however that doesn't allow me to stand up for myself. I will find other ways.


Bruce Hood

2 months ago

Great beer selection and very friendly service. Just a nice place to have a beer.


Alan Hidalgo-Lobo

4 years ago

Great selection of craft beers. They have this thing called flight where you choice 4 different craft beers & get the experience to try different beers for a good price. They have games in the back & honestly its a very good chill spot. I will definitely be going back soon.

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