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Aank Sandoval

10 months ago

This is my favorite place that I've visited so far in my trip to SC, it took a while to get table as it's a tiny restaurant but it's worth it. The service was outstanding, our waiter was bilingual (Spanish) and helpful in all ways. The menu was easy to understand, you've to pay around 14.99 per person and you get all you can eat but do not leave leftovers or you'll get charge, the over payment will be use for charity porpuses so it's up to you. Food quality was outstanding and portions were big enough, the options were a lot of options to choose from. The individual portions of sushi are big so take care of it.



11 months ago

Fastest service by our waitress was getting the check, paying, and getting my card back. Definitely not coming back again. Terrible service from 'Celia' according to the receipt. Right from the start she spilled ginger juice when bringing wasabi and ginger to the table. Saw the spill and just left it there. No apology or any intention of wiping it. Placed our order and waited. Half of our order arrived packed with rice. Take a look for yourself (photos attached). Waited some more. She came over and asked if we wanted to order more, so we told her that we have a few rolls left in our previous order. "soon" she said. More waiting. She then went behind the counter to talk with her other co-workers while we can see our rolls already made and left out for her to pick up. When she finally noticed and brought them out, our dynamite roll was cold. We tried to flag down our waitress but she didn't care and everyone noticed but no one wanted to come help. Just sad and disappointing. Worst experience I've had eating at a restaurant. Okay-bad food and terrible service. Would not recommend.


Cass Is Real

9 months ago

We had a wonderful experience after our second attempt... we left the first time because the wait was over two hours. This visit was a one hour wait. You cannot get on the list by phone. $22.99 for the food and $3 for beverages. The sushi was amazing and well worth the price. People are charged for leftovers so be careful when ordering sushi rolls.


beckah harrell

4 months ago

Okay so first time here was a experience. Their unlimited sushi is a great idea concept where they charge u per piece that you can't finish. If you want to take it home. They charge you extra for that. The menu said $15 something per person, but when we got our bill it was 23.99 per person so there was miscommunication somewhere... As far as the food itself. It was prepared well. I'd say a 7 out of 10. Our waitress was kind. We had a 45 minute wait when we got there and spent 2.5 hours their waiting on food and seconds. Very small resturant as well. Over all it was good, but not certain good enough for a second visit.


Deveren Werne

2 months ago

The service was pretty bad. They have sweet and unsweet tea. However they have no sweetener. The sushi was good but the atmosphere and service were so bad that it brought my overall score down. The miso soup was not good at all. The other rolls that were not on the all you can eat option were good tasting.

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