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Katie Kiefer

3 months ago

We stumbled across this place on the way to Kit's Trackside (which is across the street) and I'm so glad we did. We've been to both places and our experience at Pintville was heads and tails above Kit's. The bartender was fantastic. Very personable, welcoming and knowledgeable. They had a great selection. Flights are on the menu (at Kit's the bartender grumbled at me and said they try to "avoid" serving flights). The space is huge with plenty of tables spread out around the space to sit and chat. When we want to relax and expand our beer horizons, we will come back to enjoy this place again and again!


Curtis Boney

4 months ago

The un-proffesional liberal bartender with long hair and tatoos is far more interested in his agenda, yelling at people, talking over people, interupting people, and being rude than he is creating a good experience for all. I wont be back, ever. Not over by far.


Bee McDee

6 months ago

Walked past the bartender who was sitting at the front door smoking a cigarette at 8pm on a saturday; inside the establishment was completely empty...my boyfriend and i have medical exemptions not requiring us to wear masks; were told was soon as the bartender finished his cigarette and came inside we needed to wear masks for "his health". Sorry im not sorry slapping that cancer stick out of your mouth would do a lot more for your health than wearing a napkin on my face.


Clifford Wooden, Jr

a year ago

Great atmosphere. Good selection of beer. The bartender was great. Lively and friendly.


Daniel Plainview

8 months ago

Incredibly knowledgeable staff that can talk your ear off beer if that's what you're into. Tons of beers to pick from and a nice ambiance. Definitely a must go to kinda place for Pineville beer lovers.

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