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Kristi F

a month ago

I love the food here, but the wait at this location makes it not worth coming. The wait at this place is horrible. Last time we were here it too us almost 2 hours from the time we were seated until we got our lunch and were able to eat it. There was hardly anyone in the restaurant so there wasn't any real reason for service to be that slow. Now tonight i decided to try the to go option. It told me that my food would be ready at 7:17, 20 minutes after I ordered it. Doesn't sound unreasonable. 7:40 the food finally comes out. I understand that I may be a corporate issue, like the waitress said, but that doesn't mean that I'm coming back to this place. A simple call saying that the food would be later than quoted could be a simple fix to the problem, not telling me that it will just be another couple of minutes when it take another 20.



a week ago

Our first visit and they lost our reservation. The server didn't tell is when ordering dessert for 2 that it was for 4-6 people. Also new people apparently get some kind of tour or history and we didn't get this. The food was good and the place was very busy so that could be part of it.


Laura McMurray

a week ago

We have always been big fans of Buca, however in our most recent visits, the service and food have really been lacking. We visited last night to use a gift card and that was our last visit until something changes. Our food was ok. Pizza was chewy and tough. The stuffed chicken was tough also. That was the good part. The cleanliness of the restaurant HAS to change. Basic upgrades are needed in many areas of the restaurant. The sanitation grade is 91.9. Thats terribly low for this type of restaurant and unacceptable. The bathrooms were disgusting and I laid eyes on at least two live cockroaches with many dead ones as well. I wanted to puke up my food at that point. I hope this restaurant can turn things around but its gonna take some hard work!


Lisa Blasch

a month ago

Showed up with dinner reservations at 7:15 and got seated pretty quickly. However, That was the best part of our dinner experience. He took our drink orders but then we had to wait. Our drinks came out about 15 minutes later, And then we had to wait! It was probably another 15 to 20 minutes before he took our dinner order. The restaurant was not that busy for it to be such a long wait.It was another hour and 45 minutes before we got our meal. The manager came over and comped our salads. Then after we were done eating we had to wait for a check. Finally we were so angry having been there for two hours we got up to leave and it was the first time all night our waiter hurried to bring us our check. The food was OK. The service sucked. I will never go back.


Judd Pellow

in the last week

Our server was great, and portions were enormous! However they ran out of Roma tomatoes which affected Buca not having Bruschetta, a Salad, and 2 entrees- as Unavailable. How does the Manager not notice during prep, and arrange to bring in more tomatoes at an Italian restaurant is poor planning. Our meal was very good as was the Server.