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Darek McCullers

a month ago

Salad Bar was not as fresh as could be. In fact, the place currently boasts a grade B health rating. The staff was cordial, but not necessarily friendly. Best thing was the puddings that was available for dessert, and one was deftly mixed with grapes and apples for a tasty treat. I hope and trust that this establishment will get their health grade up and sharpen the salad bar for a first rate experience. For now, it is a second rate experience and there are better options, even including a trip to Ruby Tuesdays.


Dean Rogers

5 months ago

I wanted a normal Club, but they offer 3. Not being sure of the differences, the lady at the register offered one, not knowing which was which I accepted. When it arrived it was nothing like I expected. The manager who actually delivered the food, went straight back and personally made the correct one and returned it in a couple minutes. This level of service isn't as common as it use to be. 5 stars.


Mark Carter

a week ago

Average food average service. A lot of confusion behind the counter, noisey people bumping into one another, people yaping on cell phone's , children being obnoxious and parents oblivious to it... Just your avarage super sized deli.. Better get it to go, and that's another story.


Coyt Wallace, II

7 months ago

Best place to create your dream salad. I'm sure the other food is wonderful also, but who has room after looking at this salad bar. Everything you could imagine on a delicious salad is available. Not to mention hummus, fruit salad and ((banana pudding)) and free ice cream if you dare. Hands down the best place to eat healthy at a very low cost. I drive over 20 miles to get here multiple times a week. Oh, and the service is outstanding. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


Saundra Fierro

a month ago

Im a dedicated and long time (over 18yrs) customer of Jason Delis through out the Charlotte and North Carolina area. Anytime someone ask where I would like to eat or if were taking friends, family or out of town guests out to eat I alway exclaim Jason Deli my favorite restaurant!!!! Everyone knows that this has been my go to place, but sad to say NO MORE. On yesterday Dec 28, 2017 my husband and I took our friends from out of town to lunch guess where Jason Deli Centrum Pkwy, we enter and immediately my guest and I notice what keep me coming back to Jason was no longer of high standardsthe Sanitation grade was an all time low 88. Can I say disappointing and disgusting My guest immediately left out as I was trying to question the cashier as to what has happened she said the freezer was broken. Unexceptionable, no more Jasons Deli for me, I aint doing it. Corporate will hear from me.