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Miriam Cooper

in the last week

The food was Italian. Fresh. Authentic. Service was fast at 4:30 on a Saturday, but packed and people waiting at 5:30. Stars deducted for server's appearance and the old appearance of the walls and floors. It probably wouldn't matter to some people but I was hoping for a romantic dinner with my hubby and 5 stars would have been perfect. This was nice.


Elizabeth Bridges

3 weeks ago

This place was great! I've gone twice now, and both times it was awesome! I have a severe allergy and they did EVERYTHING to prevent all cross contamination. It tasted great! The staff was really kind and helpful! They give you big portions since it is an Italian restaurant so you have leftovers if you get your own dish! The first time I went they gave us a tour. But because of Covid-19 we couldn't exactly go to the kitchen and meet the chef like before. It seemed as though it tasted better. I think that almost anyone who comes will LOVE it!


Amber May

4 months ago

I was excited to try this place but it just didnt live up to even the basic expectations. The food, the ambiance, the decor. none of it made sense. I walked in the place and my gut instinct was to turn around. There was a smell that made my look around to see where it was coming from. The decor is overwhelming and its way too dark inside. I felt like I was in a dungeon or underground bunker. For the price I expected, authentic, full bodied, flavorful dishes. I got none of that.This place has a prime location Id like to see it bring some additional value to the area, because at this point Olive Garden (next door) has this place beat!


Janelle Yelton

2 months ago

The food was good, but more expensive than I remembered. I mean really, really expensive for what you get. The weird thing was we were seated at a booth facing a bunch of hillbillies having a family gathering. We couldn't even hear ourselves speaking. The show they put on was quite captivating, but we were out for a romantic evening, so it was a weird experience. There were a lot of other available places that we could have been seated in the restaurant so I'm not sure why they put us with the celebrating family.


GD Garris

2 months ago

Had a family members birthday party. Total 14 guest The food was wonderful atmosphere. Great! If you leave hungry, it's your own fault. So in other words, they bring you plenty to eat...

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