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Patrick LaJuett

a year ago

Nice venue with plenty of table or booth seating available. A full bar is located in the back. When we visited, they had 4 of their own brews on tap, plus another dozen or so available. The food menu offered apps, salads, sandwiches and dessert. Weekend lunch service was excellent... not much of a wait. We parked on the street, but they also have a spacious lot right behind the brewery.


jose mojica

9 months ago

Me & my wife came here for lunch and some live music. They are short staffed of course but were patient so its ok. They have a wide variety of beer to pick from which is always good. My wife ordered the Cuban Sandwich she liked it a lot. Full of melty cheese and flavor. I got the mushroom Swiss burger and fries with the salt & lime lager. Very fresh, hot and delicious. We were serenaded by Kimberly Underwood which was lovelywe will definitely be back


April M

2 months ago

This is a burger/fries/beer review! The burger was delicious, my only issue was that the buns are so frail that I couldn't keep any of my toppings on. The bun fell apart easily instead of being a structure to hold everything in (perhaps toasting the bun would help?). Burger patty flavor 3.5/5, cooked well as their standard. THE FRIES. They were so good. Very crispy. And the ranch was delicious, even though a little on the thin side. And lastly, the beer. This is a brewery so the options are limited to mostly in-house flavors. This is a good thing though because they have a good variety. I wanted a light beer and was recommended Arrs and it was AMAZING. A new favorite.


Kenya Templeton

3 months ago

After enjoying tastings of the beer to make my selectio, the friendly service, and the pictures with reviews here, my heart sank when my burger and fries arrived. My burger was so overcooked that the edges were crispy. The meat had no flavor whatsoever. My fries were also overcooked. Both were dry and underseasoned. The toppings on the burger helped a little, but they were so sparse that I didn't taste them until I got to the center of the burger. This was the worst burger I have had in a very long time as I do not eat many of them. The saving grace for this place is the pleasant quick service, amazing local art on the walls, lack of loud music playing, and the beer. My chocolate peanut butter marshmallow pastry stout was really good. Next time I will follow my instincts to drink beer here and go across the street for a ripper as I intended. The male server assured me that Traust food was way better and that turned out to be false for me. I will go back for the beer and to support local art.


David Shook

a year ago

We came not realizing the building had changed businesses. The menu did not have as many gluten free choices as the previous restaurant. My wife was disappointed at first, but was soon thrilled with by the delicious flavor of our food. I am not gluten free so ordered the breaded shrimp with no gravy mash potatoes and green beans to share. The green beans were fresh, delicious and I believe grilled. Best green beans I have had in a restaurant. The mashed potatoes were very good as well. The vinegar based Cole slaw was a big hit with my wife. The bun less hamburger was very good. My shrimp were above par and would gladly order again. We were very pleasantly surprised and will return. The building is a great landmark with wonderful outdoor seating. Staff was very friendly. Being non-drinkers, I cannot comment on their spirits.

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