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Shelly Suttles

2 weeks ago

We went on a whim and I'm glad you did. Staff was friendly, locatuon was clean, menu is easy and not packed with 100 items and the burgers are delicious. You order at the counter, you get a buzzer and when it goes off you get your food at the counter and dump your trash and trays in a bin. Simple, easy and frees up employees to do other tasks. My BF and I both got a cheeseburger but with different condiments. I'm not thrilled at shredded iceberg but it least it was good and crunchy, the runny egg was runny too. The other burger had a good thick cut smoked bacon that was delicious as well. We both got the fries and they are both crunchy and soft, and may well be my favorite fries from this area. The round seats aren't my favorite, I thought I was going to fall off, but there are two indoor booths and a good amount of outdoor seating (a little too hot for that today). Update: While we've been visiting routinely I still enjoy going to Ace for burgers and their milkshakes also are delicious. Some things have changed temporarily, like their fries were regular shoestring once, but I believe it's just sourcing issues that are happening everywhere. We went closer to closing time and they were still friendly, quick and delicious.


Crys B.

a month ago

I love the burgers here. Food is always great! I usually order a single burger because the regular double burgers are too much. Fries are enough for 2 people to share. Love the walk up window to pick up your to-go orders. Also enjoy the inside dining and the outside dining area on a nice day. The outside area has a few little things for kids to play with. Very cute.


Kristina Harris

a month ago

New to concord and have been trying different places during lunch. Today was ACE. With that said I did not judge the prices online and decided to try it out. For 16.71 I figured I would have a decent burger and side. I was a bit disappointed. This burger is not going to fill me up as you notice the two Patties are tiny! Im just not seeing the justification. The burgers are flavorful and not that bad, but I dont think I could stand spending this on a very small serving size of food. Now Im staring at others trays and they have fries that are freely thrown on the plate and a much bigger serving. Note to self: order a triple burger with fries, but only when my boyfriend is paying



in the last week

If McDonalds, Burger King and ACE Hardware had a three way baby, it would be this place. Here's why: The hamburgers are frozen patties, and mine was Luke warm and dry. I swear ACE buys their fries from same supplier as Burger King and the ACE BURGER is simply a Big Mac without the third bun. The third "parent" being ACE Hardware is that a single combo at ACE is an insane $12. (one of the highest priced burgers in the market next to Five Guys) The service here however was really good. Something the first two burger joints mentioned, cannot claim. Wrap it all up and I can't say we will return. Huge disappointment like all of the other "craft burger joints" out there.


Alycia Sao

3 months ago

We went to ACE No. 3 to support my kid's school, and I'm so glad we did! The food is delicious! Hot and crispy fries! The burgers were well seasoned. They even seasoned the steamed onions on the burgers.The chili and onion straws were tasty! They have beer and select liquors. I will be back for sure!

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