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Summer Whitney

10 months ago

I got the Ace burger and thought it was good. $10 was probably a little more than what it was worth but it was still good nevertheless. The buns were super soft and it was fresh. The fries were disappointing though. They tasted just like Burger Kings fries. We also tried the onion straws but I couldnt eat too many of them because of how greasy they were. Id imagine that theyd probably make a good topping on a burger though, just in smaller quantities. I doubt Ill come back it was good enough to try once.


Jacqueline Telljohann

a month ago

Ace No 3 is a favorite of mine. This was my first time visiting the Concord Mills location though. My husband and I shared: - The Ace Burger - Burger Madness - Grand Prix Pepperjack - Fries - Confetti Cake Shake The Ace Burger is the one I always come back to as my favorite no matter what else I order. I enjoyed the rest of the food too. As painful as it is to give them 3 stars, the service was absolutely awful while we were there. We stood at the register for 15 minutes, completely ignored because they were busy. There was a huge line of people behind us too. I understand if a place is busy, but at a place that's fast casual, I would expect them to take our order so we can sit down and then there may be a longer wait for our food. The only reason we were ever able to place an order is because we went online (while standing at the register) and placed an order. So basically, they serve online customers, but not the ones standing in front of them. We saw many people leave because of how ridiculous it was. I have no idea if they ever took orders the entire time we were there. I still love Ace No 3, but I wouldn't go back to this location. I'll stick to Belmont/Myers Park from now on.


Mike M

a year ago

My wife and I had the ace burger (double patties, cheese, cooked onions, pickles, comeback sauce). I got the tots and she got the fires...we shared. Burger was good, NOT great but good. The patties were small had to check for two honestly. Fries were good but tots were much better. Items are priced separately. They have coke products. The soda machine had about a constant drip on the side when I went. I did inform one of the workers...but it sounded like it was just serviced or should have already been fixed. Note pricy for what it is. I will not be in a hurry to comeback as there are plenty of close options with bigger bugers just as good around the same price or less (once you add a side here). About $9 for burger, double but not that big and about another $3 for side and another $3 for drink...eh. prices are ballpark but for lunch here for two over $31 and not "all out" filling...hum.


Randy Lindsey

9 months ago

My first time here. Cheeseburger was delicious until I got to the uncooked part but it was a small area and I picked it off and ate the rest. The sweet potato tots were very very sweet, so I wished I got the fries. Ill probably be back again if the prices drop.


Kristina Harris

a year ago

New to concord and have been trying different places during lunch. Today was ACE. With that said I did not judge the prices online and decided to try it out. For 16.71 I figured I would have a decent burger and side. I was a bit disappointed. This burger is not going to fill me up as you notice the two Patties are tiny! Im just not seeing the justification. The burgers are flavorful and not that bad, but I dont think I could stand spending this on a very small serving size of food. Now Im staring at others trays and they have fries that are freely thrown on the plate and a much bigger serving. Note to self: order a triple burger with fries, but only when my boyfriend is paying

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