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Ben McGuire

6 months ago

I really enjoyed it when we ate here. A little bit on the pricey side, but most taco places like this are. Lots of options with a wide variety of flavor. I left full and satisfied, which is always the goal. The queso, salsa, and guacamole had great flavor. I really enjoyed the Korean BBQ taco. Definitely worth checking it out if you live in the area or are hungry after a day of shopping.


Gisela Garcia

8 months ago

You cant go wrong with anything you order here! Everything was delicious and presented beautifully. Lots of options on the menu without it being overwhelming. The ambiance is great, family friendly and clean. Would love to have one of these closer to us in CHS!


Abdullah Musalli

11 months ago

Delicious tacos. We ordered 3 different kinds of tacos, steak, fried chicken, beef. The fried chicken was outstanding. We also got the chicken quesadilla and was super tasty. The service was great and staff were friendly. Ill definitely come again. Would recommend it.


Amber Rae

2 months ago

I love the menu here. I ordered the Korean BBQ rice bowl and a crab cake taco. The rice bowl was flavorful. The meat was a little tough but it may have been from settling in the styrofoam to go box on the way home. I was actually disappointed with the crab cake taco. The cake was burned and poorly broken on top of the taco. I have only ordered take out so I'm going to try dining in to see if there's a better experience. I give it a 3.75, 4 stars for the round up.


C.B. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

10 months ago

We stopped here as a last minute decision since bad daddys burger wasnt open for dine in and we werent informed of it till we pulled up. Anyways Id seen the sign for this place on the way over to bad daddys and said hey lets go there then. The tacos were delicious! Dont expect your abuelita tacos, but its more for adventurous people who like to try unique spins on the taco. Everything was delicious and the staff was very friendly to us first timers. The speed of service is what really threw me. I swear 2 minutes after we sat down at the table, someone was heading over with our food. I was stunned. To be fair there was a ton of people working the kitchen so Im sure that helped. Overall, we had a great first time experience here! Definitely would come back if were ever in the area

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