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Patrick Murphy

4 months ago

We had a good time today. We watched the volcano movie and it was amazing! Very clean. All the staff was very nice and helpful. I wish I would have know it was field trip day for several bud loads of kids. Lol. Still had a good time. I highly recommend this place. *We parked in the parking deck next door and we were charged $17.00 for less than 2 hrs. Charged us for all day.



5 months ago

I love IMAX Dome, I LOVED the show and graphics!! Very cool! Sound and visuals were awesome! 1 thing I would highly recommend to really enjoy the experience is if they had reclining chairs. I was scooted down in my chair then sideways in 2 chairs. trying to see all the graphics & designs. It was quite difficult trying to get comfortable.


Johan Björefeldt

9 months ago

Watched one of the Discovery Center educational movies, "Dinosaurs in Antarctica". Nice experience, impressive sound, cool immersion through the spherical screen. However, the large screen covers such a huge space that you have to crane your head around to see the edges. Also some technical details that probably need to be worked out as the picture sometimes got distorted or out of focus slightly...


Jeanette Elliott

6 months ago

Our 6 year old grandson absolutely loved the volcano movie. The whole experience with sound and amazing pictures was outstanding. If the seats reclined a tiny bit to get the full scale of the picture, it would be 5 stars.


Mooncake Gaming

3 months ago

the problem should be that the ticket to watch in the theater should already be included, not buying again up front to watch. It's ok with friends but best when you bring kids

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