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theodore sopher

2 months ago

Gorgeous space! They really took their time to design every detail meticulously. Staff is professional and attentive. Their rotisseries are a unique focal point with their own chicken breed and custom built. Menu is classic French. The tuna tartar was one of the best items we tried. I almost would say the atmosphere was better than the food.


Laura Bazan

a month ago

So much delightful detail into brunch! The croissant basket was superb -light, crunchy, and buttery. We had a sampling of several brunch items, but Im obsessed with their poached eggs. Swirled into perfectly balanced yolk-to-white orbs, once pierced, warm yolk flows out onto the most perfect salmon and muffin Benedict drizzled with a mornay sauce that is as smooth and light as silk. The crepes were light with a feathery crunch on the edges. The roast chicken was proudly French with roast potatoes and rosemary garnish. The wait staff was impeccable. My husband and I dont drink, but our guest had a Golden Mary that looked beautiful. Lovely presentation. The restaurant is beautiful and bright with an ambiance that transports you to France. The private guest rooms are nicely done, close to the main floor, yet private and cozy. And the rest rooms are a very pleasant surprise. We highly recommend La Belle Helene.


Thomas Garry

2 months ago

Best food I have had in a year, less maybe Grandmas cobbler. Food was magnificent and service was impeccable. I would HIGHLY recommend the Escargot for an appetizer and New York strip for an entree. They have a dessert called the Strawberry Charlotte that I would consider giving my first born for. I will definitely be back. Great date spot or place for special occasions. I dont normally like to come to Uptown but I will absolutely make an exception for La Belle Helena.


Joey Powell

3 weeks ago

Our party of 8 planned our meal over a month in advance. La Belle Helen's sales manager insisted that we create a customized prix fixe and it was confirmed prior to our reservation. The evening of our meal, we were seated and introduced to our waitress and did not see anyone else for nearly 45 minutes when we asked a manager for assistance. We did not receive drink or cocktail/wine menus and were not asked for drink orders and simply waited. Rough start. After placing drink orders food immediately began to arrive. We weren't warned by our server that the kitchen had been alerted that we were ready to go. (We weren't....still no drinks) As part of the prix fixe we were to have printed menus. There were none. This normally wouldn't be a problem, however the wait staff were unable to tell us what they were serving. Manager comes and assures us that staff will be on top of it from now on. Thanks. He even comps us 1st round of drinks. Nice, but they're still not here. Drinks arrive an hour after being seated and orders are wrong. FML Finally got a few drinks and starters in us, loosened up, and proceeded with dinner. Main course arrives and sits on table for 10 minutes...why you might ask? Because the wait staff served our main dishes (family style) without providing us plates. Why it took 10 minutes for plates....I guess we'll never know. We're a dinner group of friends that eats out monthly in Charlotte. We've been doing this for over three years. We have never had an experience that was this bad. Incompetent is an understatement. Even after following up with the restaurant via email....we received ZERO response. We didn't want nor need anything free. Thanks for comping the 1st round of drinks that arrived one hour into our visit and were wrong. We just wanted some acknowledgement of the chore that it was to dine with you on this evening and maybe an invitation back to try again to get it right. Party of: 8 Wait time: interminable Errors: infinity Cost: $1500 plus Making fun of a terrible time?: Priceless


Andy Cairo

2 months ago

Great atmosphere with amazing food! Service was a hair shaky, probably just due to them opening so I only see it getting better. Scallops were very good however nothing extraordinary. The Rooster slow cooked in red wine was delicious. Cheese board had some interesting flavors along with a nice not too large wine list. Dessert was excellent, the rum cake wasnt our favorite, when we comment on that they instantly took it off the bill and brought us another dessert(chocolate moose) which was to die for. All in all great date spot or a perfect spot for entertaining clients.