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Cynthia R

5 months ago

Had a great experience my first time here for a cooking demo. Learned a lot and was able to taste the yummy samples. They do these demos periodically, I highly recommend going.


Lynn Preston

2 weeks ago

WoW i had a funn visit & REALLY enjoyed the Lodge crew. EXTRA HELPFUL to find the 8" lid i was looking for & left me to wander around. i was extra impressed with their "2nd's Shelves". i found the lid i was carrying around & a couple other treasures i couldn't live without THANX CREW (i'll be back) 8.2.22 i was leaving the airport & couldn't resist cruising by to see if there were any of the double dutch lids on the 2nd's shelves. i found a 10" & i'll keep an eye out for a 12". 10.14.22 i must be a magnet i got close to the LFO got pulled in & couldn't leave Lodge is running a lot of 50% Off's i saw the NEW 2022 LODGETOBERFEST frying pan ($15) & a few of the 2021's 12-10-22 i was in the neighborhood & couldn't resist a quick visit. & to quote a california governor: I'LLLLL BEEE BAAAACKK


Gary Jordan

a month ago

Love the store and made a special trip to stop by. They now close at 6pm and this was on a Friday night during the start of the holiday season. Only had 5 minutes to look around.


Jennifer G

3 years ago

What a fun store! I love Lodge and this store has everything you could want for cooking. They even have a "factory seconds" section where slightly blemished cast iron is cheaper.


Zuri C.

3 months ago

Super friendly staff. Lots of great items to fulfill your stove, cookout, or campfire needs. Clearance section and sale on food items for me good. Spent way more than I meant lol

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