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Amélie's French Bakery & Café Uptown


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2 weeks ago

This bakery is good but not consistent... It's almost like the pastry quality depends on what chef made them that day. I use to go here every week and found it was hit or miss even buying the same tart. Some days they didn't get the crust to filling ratio correct etc. Some days it just didn't taste the same. Quite disappointing considering how pricey it is. If you're paying $5 for a small tart you expect perfection. I came in once and bought a new tart they had out and it was honestly terrible to the point of being offensive. They were fantastic about me coming back and exchanging it for another, but I stopped going after that. It's definitely worth trying but I wouldn't make it a regular thing. My experience is 3 stars because the staff is excellent and the food is good but they need to work on consistency.


Anna Benitez

a week ago

I'm a little torn about docking 1 start because the latte was so darn good, but the mimosa really just didn't do it for me. I decided to try something new so opted for some type of Berry Basil Mimosa (can't recall the exact name) they had on the menu, which sounds good, right? It ended up tasting like bitter, gritty champagne (the grittiness was due to the black berry seeds I believe). If you're trying to get drunk at 9 am and don't care too much about flavor, then go for it, but personally I was expecting something smoother, fruitier, and with a twist of basil. At least they were great about replacing it for a latte at no additional cost, which was totally worth it, because the latte was delicious and creamy.


dusty hall

in the last week

I am so glad I finally came here. The selection is great. The cake of the day was so good. I still can taste the filling now. Bunch of different macaroons. Coffee beer and wine available. I love the seating and dining room here


subhasree chatterjee

2 months ago

This place is literally huge and filled with quirky little decor oozing french vibe. Right at the corner in the uptown I found the place so interesting from outside I had to go in. Being a dessert connoisseur, felt like ordering everything in the menu, but controlled myself to order only three of them. The strawberry vanilla petite cake was out of the world, just the right amount of sweetness with fresh strawberry on top, it made my day. The lime pie and chocolate pastry were delicious as well.


Lauren Baker

a month ago

Sooooo cute! It's spacious and fabulous by design. The food is AMAZING and reasonably priced! They have a great blend of different pastries, but I'd love to see what they could do with more cultural variety in their pastries. The French theme is obviously priceless, but it'd be cool to have pastries from other cultures too, maybe as specials? I'll be back to try more food!