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Amélie's French Bakery & Café Uptown


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Jim Andriotis

in the last week

The food and coffee was very good! The ambiance was a bit kitschy, and the way the line and menus are setup are awkward. On a quiet day, not a problem. On a busy day, it's a mess. The food and pastries are so good though that the place is always busy! If you're a more patient person than I am, it's worth it. :)


jay jones

a month ago

We've been here a thousand times. It's good. Coffee drinks are good, bakery goods are great. They do run out sometimes. I got an eggshell in my salted caramel brownie once. But it's all fresh. Handmade. No joke. And the place is gorgeous.


Eric Braathen

a month ago

Great place for a sandwich and especially deserts. They have specialty drinks like Creme Brulee, exotic teas, and seasonal drinks. Usually 4-6 local beers on tap and wine. The restaurant has an eclectic setup with lots of open seating, couches, big tables, small tables, different types of chairs. Plus outdoor patio seating on College St. Very unique setup. One of my favorite spots in Uptown Charlotte.


Ryan Williams

a month ago

Great atmosphere and theming, very French and cute. The pastries and food is very good, but a little overpriced in my opinion. They have a huge coffee bar and tea area where they can make all kinds of fancy coffees from fresh ground beans. There is plenty of seating and its in a good location. Cool place to go just for the experience.


Mark Winstead

a month ago

Average in every way. 7 people making pastries, but cant spare a server to take order at table. Nothing better than standing in line to order while trying to peruse 8 overhead menus with little rhyme or reason to order of placement. All the while cashier yelling next. Quiche was dry and dense, with a semi-hard shell on top. Pate was delicious but small, a full baguette being about equal to what my wife thinks is 7 inches. Croque Monsieur looked good, but small. No Sweet & Low on coffee bar. Loud and table rickety. Wouldnt go out of my way to come back. Fly to Dallas and go to La Madeline instead.