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Mark Sowell

in the last week

July 20th was first time at the Corkscrew and I truly enjoyed it. The owners were very welcoming and the overall atmosphere was relaxing. The DJ had a great selection of music and it appealed to the customers. Also met some great people there and the food and drinks were good as well. Definitely going back.


Lucas Walters

4 months ago

We called early to reserve space for a group. We walked in ten minutes early. There was no one to be found then a lady finally appareared from the back(really wish she was wearing a name tag). She berated us about being early then continued to put away silverware and clean the bar. Please note the establishment had been open for hours and we were the only patrons in sight. We were eventually served the wine and it definitely wasnt worth the wait. If you are looking for a relaxing place with a warm atmosphere go down a couple more blocks! There are PLENTY of other places in Charlotte with lots of character and great service!


Jacob Cochran

4 months ago

This is one of my most favorite places in Charlotte. The staff is amazing. They make us feel so at home and do such a great job. We love you all!


Stephanie Choe

4 months ago

Showed up early to a wine tasting for out bachelorette party and got a lot of mumbling and back talk about it. Our bride to be tried to use her FEDERALLY ISSUED military ID to prove she was of age and lady who worked there REFUSED and proceeded to be rude about explaining why she couldn't use her military ID and saying it was illegal (which is stupid bc I and my friend have both never had problems anywhere else). The way she explained it and snapped at her was unnecessarily rude. Unfortunately did not get her name. Ruined our whole experience there and if we lived in Charlotte we would definitely never go back.


Trevor Mcalees

5 months ago

Surprisingly great food and wonderful service. Will return in the future. Oh yeah, the wines good as well