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Jabarrus Jones

a year ago

This is good authentic Mexican cuisine. I enjoyed dining at Azteca. The staff was very kind and friendly. They are not stingy with their food portions. Big plates of hot, delicious, and well seasoned food. Their margaritas are so good and flavorful. A hidden gem in Charlotte.


Sarah Torrence

11 months ago

I came here about 2 weeks ago and feel in love worth the atmosphere. The servers were very tentative. They catered to everyone that was here eating. I am back this morning and I am grateful to see them in here cleaning the lights, the placements on the table and just making sure the restaurant is inviting. I love it here! I recommend this place with 10 stars! The food is awesome!!!



7 months ago

From the table side guacamole, to the best margarita in town, its hard to find a restaurant of any ethnicity better than Azteca in execution. The flavors are always on point and consistent. This is not just a good Mexican restaurant. This is a good restaurant. Service is solid, always making sure its the chips are warm and filled, everything is to your liking and the the pours on the drinks . Ive been coming here since they opened. And its rare during a time like that (26 years) that a place would get better and not plateau. Thats what you can expect at Azteca. Its a Charlotte gem.


Dionne Swayze Schmidt

6 months ago

I have always wanted to try here and had the opportunity this week. The service is excellent, very kind and hospitable. The shrimp fajitas were awesome. Try the house made green hot sauce too. Can't wait to have the fresh guacamole from the cart next time.


Dorothy Brown

8 months ago

This place was amazing, the food was really good and the workers were fast and nice. You should definitely try it

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