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Eva T

8 months ago

I really wanted to love it. I found Thai food recently, a restaurant in Lexington SC (to die for). However... The service was very good, on time, friendly and helpful. The wontons were ok, couldn't taste what was inside. The Asian sea bass tasted very good. The rice was mildly warm when it came out. The crispy duck was not crispy. And that is the most recommended dish on the menu. The fat had not been rendered, and there was a lot of fatty tissue. It was tender and the sauce was delicious. I wouldn't recommend the fried ice cream, it's surrounded by a donut like thing that felt doughy, not fully cooked, and the ice cream was incredibly hard, although tasty, green tea favor. The music was so repetitive! It's kind cool in a bar/disco, here the continuous boom boom ended being annoying. The last straw was the women's bathroom, there are two stalls, but one doesn't lock, at all, unless you take a friend with you to pull it close. I am not sure I would recommend it when you consider the price.


Diane B

8 months ago

We were drawn in for lunch by the great smells and friendly host...but this place was disappointing. Very limited wine and beer selection and the bartender had no clue about any of the drinks. We ordered the ginger chicken and it was strangely served with romaine lettuce as the vegetable, drenched in sauce (not like a little side salad). ????? Visually very unappealing. Also, they don't allow you to get fried rice as a side instead of brown or white rice. We have never seen that before. Overall the flavor was good, but some pieces of chicken were undercooked. And for the look and pricing of the place, I expected real chopsticks instead of the cheap wood ones.


Reshma Khatal

2 months ago

Carl attended to us , he was super awesome. , we loved the ambience, food and the staff there . Best thai experience in Charlotte.


Wall Flower

10 months ago

On Fri Feb 11th I took my son to celebrate his 18th BD both of my sons love Thai so we tried Basil. I loved the intimate setting my oldest has Aspergers so it was perfect we went early for dinner and it was not crowded. The food was AMAZING the exact words from my son when he finished with dessert The Green Tea FRIED ICE CREAM!! The service was outstanding, the manager, a handsome young man I dont remember his name Came to our table and introduced himself was really nice and our Server dont remember his name Im sorry Latin Guy he had a long name that was shortened Im sorry Im Terrible with names however You are great with the customer service when you found out it was my son 18th BD you surprised him with the ice cream that he loved! Thanks!! Ps I left the date so you can see who worked and give them their props!! I will posts pics


Gravy Trail

a year ago

Great food, drinks, and service. That pineapple mojito, yo. Eating the fruit at the bottom was like taking a fruit shot when it absorbed all that alc lol. Highly recommend haha. We got the chicken green curry, tofu with noodles, and green tea cheesecake. The cheesecake was delicious, but I could care less about the fortune cookie bottom. We both thought the texture was off. We recommend the chef to just grind it finely versus it being chunky/coarse because it had an unsettling feel when you take a bite. Other than that, its a great place to meet friends or take a date. Music was soft pop, and decor was modern mixed with Thai aesthetics.

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