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David Root

a month ago

My parents were visiting and we went to Bernardin's on a Saturday with a 7 o'clock reservation. The place was busy, but not full. Our waiter was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. The food was fantastic. The only hitch in the evening was a dry rotted cork in our first bottle of wine. It was swapped for a new bottle with no fuss.


Michelle Robinson

3 weeks ago

A beautiful restaurant. Reservations made with ease. The wait staff was friendly. The food was lovely. *****Unfortunately***** the only reason that I'm rating this 1-Star is because of the manager's response to my sizeable party on what could have been and should've been a perfect night, my surprise birthday dinner. My husband ordered the last portion of lamb on left. When he got his order, his lamb was a bit undersized (portion-wise). He asked our waitress about it, and eventually decided to change his order, since he couldn't order another lamb. The manager came to our party's table, in what I thought was trying to smooth over the little hiccup. Instead he nearly charged my husband, getting only inches from his face, and refusing to change the order. He was beyond discourteous and made a scene for other patrons to notice and become uncomfortable. Our entire party, 20+ adults almost exited at that display of vulgar customer mistreatment. Instead, our waitress, Stephanie (I believe) was extremely gracious, empathetic, and helped ease what could've been an eventful night, in more ways than one. She helped turn his folly into an evening that was salvageable and still good birthday celebration for me. Even though the manager put a damper on the night, to say the very least. She provided my husband with the manager's name, who ended up leaving immediately after the confrontation (and apparently has a known hot temper) and the owner's information. Thanks Stephanie & wait staff. Owner needs to consider maybe transitioning wait staff into management or hiring someone who demonstrates consistent, good customer service regardless of what personal issues he/she may have going on. Business is business.


Darren Stratton

2 months ago

Always a good choice for a nice meal downtown. I like the fact that they have some more unusual items such as Kangaroo, Camel and Ostrich. Service has always been great, there is really nothing to criticize.


Paul Arbuckle

3 weeks ago

This place is awesome. Atmosphere, service, food are all top notch.


Keith Mellott

3 months ago

Food is good, kangaroo entree doesn't give you much meat. White tablecloth kinda place, bad beer selection. $12 cocktails with cheap Liquor in them. Food is high quality tho, so 4 stars