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Fran Antonucci

10 months ago

There is so much love that goes into every item on the menu, you cant go wrong with your choice! The dough is nothing short of perfection and with all the imported ingredients, every bite is delicious, even my cold slice for breakfast the next day was great. Best damn little pizzeria on the planet


Susan Stuppnig

a year ago

BEST pizza that I have had in Charlotte (or in NC for that matter)! We read about them and decided to take a field trip to Uptown to check them out for ourselves. They completely lived up to the hype. Gena and Geno are amicable and gracious hosts and work hard to ensure that all of their guests' needs are met. The fresh veggies from the Farmer's Market make the veggie pie a must, but the Grandma and the Pepperoni were just as outstanding. The crust was light and airy and crispy yet still had a slight chew (in a good way). The subtle notes of garlic and olive oil on the Grandma were also perfect. I know I am gushing, but this place was that good! Check them out as soon as possible! Your tummy will thank you. (P.S. 90 minutes of free parking is validated for the garage right next door and they have indoor seating and nice outdoor seating if you are still distancing and prefer the fresh air.)


Jacqueline Telljohann

8 months ago

I've been eyeing this spot since Unpretentious Palate first wrote about it and we finally checked it out. My husband and I splitt: - Hot Honey Pie (10") - Grandma Pizza - Garlic Knots - Cinnamon Sugar Knots The pizza was fantastic. I think I liked the Hot Honey slightly more because I love the pepperoni & honey combo. They also have the best kind of pepperoni that forms little cups. The Grandma Pizza was also delicious. I loved how the crust was crispy on the bottom and then soft above that. Their sauce was perfect to me. It was just slightly sweet. The knots were just ok for me. They were a little more bready than I wanted personally. This is my new favorite spot at The Market at 7th Street! It's definitely a must try.


Nicole Rand

8 months ago

Being from Staten Island, NY, good pizza is hard to come by. Genos did not disappoint. Absolutely the best pizza in Charlotte. Grandma pie, calzone, garlic knots and cannoli all were AMAZING. So friendly and accommodating. Will go back! Well worth our 35 min drive.


Joe Lamothe

2 months ago

I walked over to pick up a pizza for my son this evening. He has a very limited pallet and cheese pizza currently is king. They were cleaning up and had already shut down on a slow Sunday. We were disappointed and I think they could tellwe started to walk off and the owner Geno came out and apologized, explained the situation, and offered to make a pizza for my sonand wouldnt let us pay for it either. This kind of customer service and relationship building is a lost art these daysbut not at Geno Ds. The pizza was excellent and you have a customer for life. Thank You for being amazing!!!

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