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T Tsen

4 months ago

Very European set up and the idea to make everything from scratch is great. We were a bit disappointed from the false advertisement. There were signs saying that on Wednesdays if you pay with your Apple Card 20% off will be applied to your order. Great but not really since it was Friday. I brought this upon the attention of the lady who took my order by asking is this only valid for Wednesdays because today is Friday and she said o no its just on Wednesday. She did not apologize or remove the 2-3 signs with the false advertisement around the area. Pasta was tasty but so expensive. 19$ for a small plastic box that was nearly half full and left me hungry. Again great idea and all for supporting local businesses but I feel some type of way now.


Anika Davis

a year ago

Rafa and his wife Madison are such an amazing couple. The quality of what he produces is nothing short of amazing. I've never been to Italy but Mano Bella Artisan Foods takes me to Rome with every bite. I wish everyone took the chance to try out the spectacular products of Mano Bella Artisan Foods!


Daniel Ancheta

5 months ago

We picked up a couple of fresh pastas and we just cooked the bucatini. It was amazing, and I cant wait to try the ravioli! Looking forward trying more of there offerings! Just had the Ravioli and it was amazing, paired amazingly with the Chilean sea bass!



a month ago

Fresh pasta indeed. Had chef's special ith home made sausage - very salty and it's a little pricy - 20 dollars. Pasta is al dente, very well cooked. The place does not offer tap water, you have to buy imported mineral water (sparkling or still). The owner was not at the register when a few clients walked by and wanted to order so they walked away. Plate still had some post wash grease on it when it wans handed to me. 3 stars for: Salty food, no tap water options, chef's special price is not clearly marked. Sub-clean plate.


Melissa Toth

a month ago

Wow. The chef's special is *chef's kiss*. Would order again and I loved watching the chef make it right in front of me. The lady behind the counter was super helpful with her recommendation. We will definitely be coming back! And they validate your parking!!

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