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Joe Karol

3 weeks ago

One of the best dining experiences ever for the Charlotte area. The service is impeccable. Very great wait staff. Always accommodated our every need. The food is amazing. All you can eat so bring your appetite. The food servers were great with knowing our selections and when we needed more. The salad bar is one of a kind. So many different items and they were all fresh. The entrees were out of this world. Different types of meats to please any appetite. The deserts were very good too. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a great night out and looking to walk away feeling full and satisfied.



a week ago

Truly terrible experience from a place I've been so excited to try. Rude staff, bad bartender, overcooked meat, unimpressive salad bar and a frozen cheesecake for desert. Valentines day special = $225.77 w/tip. I wanted to like it so much that I was even trying to convince myself that it was pretty good, it wasn't until the dried out meats came that my girlfriend and I looked at each other and said "What do you think"... we both talked about how unimpressive every single course was. There just wasn't any one single item that stood out as the best thing we had, it was all just "meh" or worse.... Oh! Except for the hot pineapple, which apparently has cinnamon on it but I couldn't really taste it, but even still, the hot pineapple was the best thing... At a Brazilian Steakhouse. Let that sink in. I'm never going back. And honestly even if it was only 50 bucks for that same dinner, I still wouldn't go back.


Nadine Lottihall

3 weeks ago

I went during restaurant week so I was able to try out a lot of what they had to offer. The cuts of meat was outstanding the salad bar had a lot to offer lot of choices. The look of the place was wonderful as beautiful massive dining area though it was a bit noisy because mainly it was restaurant week it was very nice the hostess and where where it is well, dating although again was restaurant week so it was hard to get their attention at times because we're so busy but overall it was really good.


Eric Maust

a month ago

I came to Chima for Charlotte Restaurant Week. You could get half of their meat selection for $35. The lamb was unbelievable. The staff was immensely personable. We bantered with them all night. They took great care of us, even though we stayed almost till closing. We had an awesome time.


Aaron Hancock

in the last week

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Lamb was the one piece didn't care for just wasn't clicking with us perfectly cooked though Kudos to them wife loved it very happy. Fellas don't wear a belt and go straight for the meat. Had three awesome servers as well.