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D'Chris Christopher

a month ago

I love Brazilian steakhouses!! This is one of my favorites in North Carolina. They are really expensive but well worth the dollar. My hubby and I took our Son and Niece with us and believe me we ate enough to cover the cost. The food was delicious. Lots of choices with the meat! Not so impressed with the salad bar, but it served its purpose. We were there for the meat anyway. Our server was awesome, wish I could remember his name to shout him out. We'll be back next time we make our quarterly visit. Thanks for great service. That's a 5 star automatically!!


Jaih Pittman

in the last week

Went for a birthday dinner and it was spectacular! Clarke was a great waitress and very attentive to our drinks, she had great recommendations as well. We ordered a few mojitos and Moscow mules and they were wonderful. The quality of the food was very good and the gentlemen carry around the food were very polite. Definitely recommend for a special occasion, a great place to take your significant other for a nice night out. It was a bit pricier than the last time Ive went, but I knew what to expect at a place like this.


James Henderson

11 months ago

This place was very lovely at first. Our experience wasn't the best though. We had to wait 25 minutes past our reservation to get a table. They sat us down directly in front of the entrance to the area where the restrooms were and we requested to move. Which took about 10 minutes to do so. Finally when we got to a more conveniently placed table we had to wait another 10 minutes just to get plates and order drinks. Our server was kind but seemed more interested in the larger tables that she was serving and seemed to sideline us. Which didn't seem fair. I must say the food was unique and very tasty! The desserts were better than everything else!! The dining experience was just not what I would call "classy" or "fine dining". To top it all off the restroom facility itself was very mismanaged and dirty. Eat at your own risk!


S M.

8 months ago

True NC Foodie here, I must say I was a little disappointed. My sister told me the Queens feast is $60 I thought ok the price is not that bad but I was expecting so much more when it comes to flavors. My wife and brother both said something about the lamb chops were off. My wife even became a bit nauseous after she took a bit of the lamb chop. Honestly the food is definitely nothing to come here for anyone that comes here is coming solely for the experience and atmosphere. My check at the end of the night at first was $246 for two Queens feast, two cocktails, and one bottle of water. I ask my server I believe there is a mistake on this check, she looked and said Im sorry I charged tip twice (standard 18%). Final check for us was $197 and some change. For a very basic regular meal. Overall atmosphere is good, experience definitely had better and I forget to mention the health inspection grade is 91 for a place like this should be a 95 or better. Chima Steakhouse Im going to say thanks but no thanks.


Ryan McGinnis

a month ago

Excellent food, great variety, martini was perfectly concocted. All around great experience as it was my first time. Could have been a bit more servers, although we were a party of about 40 (work event), so considering that, the servers did a great job. Huge range of menu items especially meats, they carve meat right onto your plate. Unique and fun experience, I highly recommend.

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