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Kendra Little

a month ago

Just got an order of beef and broccoli and pepper chicken. These folks loaded the plates with veggies and barely any meat. I called to let them know about the plates. Some guy answers the phone and says they always pack their plates like this which is not true, I've been there before. Then he hangs up in my face. Do better china bowl on freedom.


Aquel Avion

2 months ago

This my favorite spot so far! sanitation score always great! I get the crab Rangoon, Shrimp fried rice, The sweat and spicy wings and a order of donuts. They are fast, everything is fresh and tasty.


Tiffani H (*Ms. Coupon Trucker*)

4 months ago

They dont have a lot of reviews like most Restaurants. But I sure you they didnt let me down. I had their Shrimp Fried Rice w/ Boneless Ribs, Fried Chicken & Steamed Dumpling. Omg it all TASTED AMAZING!!! They gave me decent size plate that could feed 2 people. I was just passing through the area & I will soon return when Im in the area again. Thank You for my Dinner


simply sweet

2 months ago

I cant imagine eating anywhere else on the West side of Charlotte to find great quality food at a fair price ,not to mention fast accurate and friendly service Love this place !!!!!!!!! Gotta do better with theses spring rolls not acceptable


Joey C

6 months ago

OG Review: I be cummin here like once a week cuz it's off da chain! Good prices and good food. The only thing I don't like is they ain't got soups. Owner said kitchen ain't got room to make soup. How much room u need son?! I would kill for some egg drop soup! Also they don't deliver cuz it's in da hood. Update 8.29.22: I gots 3 versions of they menu and they be slowly jackin up prices. I done remember wings combo wit fried rice wuz $7.25 just 2 years ago. Now it damn near $12! But I ain't be blaming them cuz erey thang done gone up. They still mah go 2 for Chinese in da hood!

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